About me

In Hanau (also called derogatory Hessisch Uganda) born, after brief stops in Rodgau Philadelpia and I live in Frankfurt for several years. Professionally, I am a graduate teacher, have a technical training as an electrician and worked among others at a bike shop, where I am infected with the virus cycle.

During my teaching practice, I worked in various professional fields – among other things, I've built up a bicycle repair shop, established and have created an educational concept. Until my departure, I'm in the competence assessment for young adults and mothers.

Cycling Besides my interest I would describe myself as a tech-savvy people, The sophisticated solutions loves, especially if they are resolved aesthetically.

Other interests include the nature, Photography, Hap Ki Do, Music etc.

Questions, interest me now:

  • Will I make everything up until the departure?
  • How do I get one or more mosquitoes at night from my tent?
  • What do I do, if a bear gets too close to my work and my Hap Ki Do techniques do not?
  • Will I make the slopes of the Andes and as I get the thin air?
  • As long as I'm without my friends, Family and electric toothbrush?