A small detour – A little side-trip

Return to good friends to San Francisco

Last year I spent my birthday in Xela. Christmas and the new year was also a bit lonely at the Lago de Atitlan. A break on the rear wheel hub extended my stay here in San Pedro. With a little bottle of whiskey and a Bin Laden-cracker I presented me, However, for this then attended a two-hour twirping sounds in my ear….(Firecrackers in Guatemala are much stronger!!!)

The desire to spend the holiday season with good friends, and after a new pair of trousers I have to my friends Ron and Victoria moved with her children Lila and Eden in San Francisco to visit.

Mustang at the Golden Gate Bridge

From a fixed idea and an invitation then was reality and I flew the day before my visa expired in Colombia to San Francisco. Exactly two years ago I stopped by there with the wheel, and almost two years I've been in Latin America. It was a strange feeling to return. I I rejoiced to see my friends and the kids, to joint activities such as crabs and Celebrations.

But I also had concerns, that there would be at the immigration problem. Firstly, because I am from Colombia and on the other because I 2011 had covered because of my illness my stay.

The fears were unfounded, It all went very smoothly and I was not even frisked. Ron picked me up at the airport and it was a nice reunion with family. Almost everything was the old, only a new roommate-Ponyo- growled and barked at me.

The next day I rushed straight into the fray in the Mission Area, the Latin Quarter of San Francisco with several restaurants, Bicycle shops, Cafes, Design-, and trendy shops.

I was surprised by the diversity, the amount of things and an aesthetics, I have not seen. Bear in Latin America 90 % the women the same, High-Heels, tight jeans and tight tops. Most (younger) Men Sneakers, Jeans and a Hollister, Aeropostale oder FC Barcelona T-Shirt.

Nice again to see what else. It is much cleaner, No black clouds of soot from ancient vehicles pollute the air. The cars stop at crosswalks. Wenn du über die Straße willst wird nicht gehupt und du musst nicht ständig auf der Hut sein und Angst haben überfahren zu werden. – Sehr ungewohnt.

San Francisco is a culinary paradise especially for vegetarians, everything is available from all countries in the often in huge quantities. It is irritating when it no longer knows and considers that in most countries in which I was traveling last, many people live in shacks roofed with plastic wrap and come with great difficulty making ends meet. Who is busy surviving, has little sense of culture and design.

Christmas and often associated orgy of consumption in Western countries is of course an extreme, if you have long been in Latin America and is suddenly confronted with. For me, this abundance and these amounts was initially a shock. With my friends, I was invited to several Christmas parties with nice people. There was lots to eat and drink, almost too much for my standards. Especially the many gifts, with which the children were smothered, and 7-8-year-old children, which were equipped with I-Phones, I found disturbing.

I could use the noise but not completely escape and went several times to my favorite outdoor store "Sports Basement". There was everything in a number of variations, what else is getting very difficult or impossible to south of the U.S. border. After 2,5 Years ago I had finally back trouser new, a sweater and a lot of useful things - like a down vest and a pair of long tights- indulged for the future cold nights in a tent in the Andes. Even a mosquito net, I had often missed in many accommodations I own, and new storage bags and other camping mattress (The third and hopefully last trip to this). My Kindle e-book now has a matching cover for my camera and I bought a travel tripod, However, what is quite a pound and 1,2 kg than. (the small Gorillapod tripod - a parting gift from Judith and Peter was on time but a little weak and limited for my camera but has been quite good services provided)

Although I give away a few things, I do not know how I tucked the extra things get. I have quarreled with each object and weighed whether it will be really necessary. Time will tell and I'm going the extra 2-3 curse kg perhaps at the next difficult pitch. In a pinch, so my idea, But I can always get rid of what.

Further highlights were a visit to the aquarium in Monterey, not cheap, But perhaps the best museum I ever visited. Bootsy Collins, a radio legend, happened to be in San Francisco and I could not of course be missed. A concert, what me for days put her into a radio noise. Finally, I gave two slide shows, Lilas in one school, the other with my favorite sports store. Both have been fun and a reward I received a gift certificate.

The Golden Gate Bridge, this time I had crossed on foot and it is always to be a sublime feeling on this magical building and throw the Blich to the Bay Area.

The three weeks went around quickly, Ponyo was used to it after a long time to me and not a day more before I left barked and growled. With a heavy heart I said goodbye to my temporary family and I went on 3.1 again after the plane Bogotá.

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  1. Hi Jens – hope you’re not suffering too much reverse culture shock being back in Colombia?! Wondered how far south you had got – we are currently in San Agustin then headed for Mocoas and Pasto via the infamous “Trampoline”…our visa expires at the end of February so we’re going slow. Drop us an email if you’re anywhere near us, otherwise we might meet further south! Suerte, James & Sarah

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