Two new kids on the blog

A guest post by Sylvie and Sara (uncensored!!!)

After two impressive days in Bogota, we are on time landed in Quito. The best luggage "Western - Bicycle Equipment, thes Jens and two other cyclists had ordered diligently before our departure. Thanks to Sylvie's neighbors, who had taken in a week seven against packet. The joy was great, meet again after so long.

First, we assumed, Jens that would take us to a hostel in Quito, but surprisingly Jens quartered us in a room at the Casa de Ciclista in Tumbaco, a suburb of Quito, a. The Casa de Ciclista, Santiago and his wife. Panamericana cyclists can stay here for free and bring in expert socializing their wheels back into shape, and exchange deposit excess baggage. Some are unfortunately forced, to wait for the delivery of spare parts. The wait, however, by Santiago hospitality and the other fine folks at a very pleasant stay positive. Jens had enjoyed the hospitality of two and a half weeks! We are staying next door at Santiago Sisters, the more luxurious version with fresh homemade bed and warm running water- Cyclists have to take cold showers and bring their own sleeping stuff, but that for Umme. After a slight delay of two days, we arrived unscathed in Quito. The camera shop and vegetarian restaurant of the Hare Krishnas have Jens particularly impressed, mehr some of the historic center. Quito is the second highest capital in the world with damn thin air. The first few days we have noticed that quite. The city was much appreciated!

We went to Cuenca. Contrary to expectations, took the night bus instead of called 10-12 Std only 8 Std., we were in the morning at 4 Clock thrown off the bus at the bus stop in the freezing cold and surrounded by figures zwielichten. By taxi it went on the recommendation of the driver to Casa Sol, higher uns Louis, the owner, granted in ausgeleierter underpants inlet. A similar underpants model we found later (we hope freshly washed) in the bathroom above the shower head. A few hours of sleep later, Louis only once conjured us the best breakfast and the world was already better. We finally decided, sacrificing comfort, not to change the stay and stay there. The pants had now gone, the fat spider in the bathroom, lukewarm water, the constant shortage of toilet paper has not bothered us. Casa Sol is getting a bit long in the, the ceilings have glaring holes on. Luckily it did not rain in Cuenca. Puddles in the house would not have surprised us. Louis is at the heart of this man. He provided us with maps and cared lovingly for us. Otherwise, next to Quito Cuenca is the most important colonial city in Ecuador. After one and a half weeks Cool, but then we longed for warmth and finally our onion layers of clothing store. We looked forward to the coast. First we went to Montanita, dem Place to be für Surfer, jonglierende Hippies, Jewelry sellers and hearing impaired. In the evening a small road to Bar Street is built. Of course every state has its own music from salsa to techno and there it is, the louder the better. After a delicious fresh passion fruit vodka we had with hearing loss and the roar Kratzehals leave the riot road. Montañita Gilt in Ecuador als Surfmekka, However, we only saw a few surfers and surf conditions seemed probably not particularly good at the time. We were also Surflessons for USD 10 offers.

After two nights we went to Puerto Lopez, from there to visit the Isla de la Plata. Puerto Lopez also turned out to be derelict, ugly place and we had the pleasure to come at the weekend and staying at the catwalk mile. The other day we were looking forward to the boat trip to the Isla. One of our guides was pretty Riccardo, a real baby, as we all agreed. The boat ride only began to relax, but was then a one-hour swing ride with cold shower. The Isla de la Plata is considered a image of the Galapagos Islands. During a walk on the island we have here both native birds blue footed boobies, Seen flocks of frigate birds and White-headed Vulture, can admire the flora and fauna as well as. The program then was still sifting turtles and snorkeling, and of course the terrible trip, where we could sit with difficulty in our seats and counted every minute.

Then it went on to Canoa, a quiet relaxing place by the sea with a great beach and nice people and without Nightlife. When shopping, it is addressed and with Amore Mi Corazon- so it should be ;-) Canoa, we began an excursion into the ca. 20 ort entfernten km from Bahia Carraquez. Bahai de Carraquez be the cleanest place of all of Ecuador and allegedly the best location in the country. Excited we started one morning on the way. Actually we had before, to take the bus for a Dollarito, the route for about. one hours required. After ten minutes of waiting in the sun but we lost patience and tried to hitchhike and see there, the first car stopped immediately. The three of us climbed into the backseat and Sylvie had to find, that there was a machete in her back. Unmoved and relaxed she has thrown only this time in the trunk. The driver spoke English and happily told us about the construction boom and rising international investments and buying property here in the area. Bahia de Carraquez entpuppte sich dann doch – when actually cleaner than all the other places in Ecuador – as not very interesting for us.

After four days of doing nothing is unfortunately over and we have to say goodbye, because of the holiday approaches the end and we will take the bus back to Quito. That means getting up early and hope, that everything works, and then spend the last night with Jensi and say adios. The eight-hour drive back to Quito, we felt then as surprisingly pleasant. We were treated to an exciting movie and the scenery was very impressive. The bus went slowly from the coast to the Andes and we crossed rainforests of enormous proportions.

We take the plane the next morning from Quito to Bogota. There we have seven hour layover before our flight to Frankfurt, we sweeten with a visit to the shopping mall and copious. It was great, just as always, the time went too fast around a lot.

During our time with Jens, we must get to know his new family, he cherishes and cares for and also employs. The family comes from Springfield. The Samson and is a virtual game and attracts Jens daily in the spell. We are sure, He soon reached the high score ...

Adios Bart, Homer, Meggie, Lisa, Tingeltangel Bob, Krusty und Jensi hasta otra!

Sara und Sylvie

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