A wrong spare part - on the edge of despair

Before Sylvie and Sarah came to visit me, I did order a marathon behind me. In addition to a reunion that was also a good opportunity to bicycle parts to come. Many parts are not at all to get in Latin America.

One of the most important parts she had for myself, was a stable new wheel hub and spokes including a new rear wheel. Rims are subject to wear and give depending on the quality, Lacing, Mileage, Care and weight of the wheel and driver sometime sooner or later the ghost.

So I had a Ryde (Rigid) Other 30 Rim in black with 36 Hole * (I thought – see below) and 26 Inches at a store specializing in cycling holidays (Meilenweit in Berlin) ordered on the Internet. This is mostly hassle free, fast and reliable.

Andra and The Sputnik rim of Ryde are preferred by many cyclists travel, because they are very stable. 36 Hole standard, The more spokes, the more stable the wheel. Together with a new Shimano Deore XT hub and DT Swiss Alpine III spokes that should be a bomb strong wheel, which should carry me through to the end most remote areas of the world.


Aaron in der Werkstatt

Then last Saturday I finally wanted my new impeller with Aaron, another bike travelers, build. He works in the bicycle repair shop of tattoo outdoor in Quito and there is also a good tool as well as good truing.

Full of anticipation, I grabbed my parts from, spread them out on the workbench and a threaded spokes, But something is not right…

Aaron said after a short time, that it is a 32-hole rim. I counted to three times and could not believe it. In fact the rim is only 32 Holes. It is completely useless for me.

Saturday was over for me. Sylvie has nothing brought the rim, I was pretty demoralized and had the weekend for the first time thought of giving up.

Today I Meilenweit written an e-mail. I'm excited to see what happens and will report.


* I have to correct myself. The order went wrong. Although I took my time when ordering and usually am very thoroughly, I've probably overlooked, that there is a 32- Hole rim was. The specification 32 Hole, however, was not very clearly visible in my opinion, and only indicated below, so that one can easily see it. In an e-mail, what I wrote immediately after the order in the online shop, I have specially emphasized again, that I have a 36 Hole had ordered rim. This was probably overlooked by Meilenweit or. was not observed. In the confirmation- Unfortunately e-mail from miles around just stood 26 Inch rim black, so that could not notice me the error.

Conclusion: Such an important indication of how the number of holes should be in the text in my opinion above. This can be better designed, especially if 36-hole standard and almost all cyclist with 36 Drive hole rims (Unless they have a Rohloff hub). Shit!

To be fair, has Meilenweit 15 Offered € discount for reappointment. Shipping to Ecuador, however, costs alone already 44 €. With the rim and possibly customs on top of one is fast at 80 – 100 €. Now I have to think about, if I bite the bullet and order the rim again, risking it with my old wheel drive on or if there is another solution.

Until I'm back in Quito I still have some time.

2 thoughts on “A wrong spare part - on the edge of despair

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  2. Not heard from miles around. However, this is embarrassing for the store. I had 2011 also blood and sweated in the last parts order and then had to travel without the then new tires (Mondial EVO) and pedals (XT T780) the. The tires I have had to send me to South America and used the pedals only in Germany after return. My knees take my still bad as the old pedals 15 Years had under his belt.

    PS: Was lucky, my ancient SUP Ceramic Mavic have me without a broken spoke and eight 8,5 Crossing months and carried across Peru and Bolivia. Mit 60kg teilweise (Rad u. Luggage).

    Good luck and have fun during the trip.

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