Back to Colombia

There is a lot going on, I got a visa for Ecuador, a response from Meilenweit, an interview in Quito and Galapagos behind me…. Tomorrow I go back to Salento from Quito to my bike and then I leave Salento without the Galapagos articles and uploaded the images to have. And all this will be explained in some.

Greetings from Casa Helbling, the best hostel for a long time

3 thoughts on “Back to Colombia

  1. 3 Years? You will not go lost us? There is way more uncomfortable… South America has already received many German…

  2. again by Wilma, Here, it is not 2 Clock but just 9
    Clock in the morning, a 2 Clock I have slept now I'm in the office

  3. Hello dear Jens, You are today exactly 3 Years on the road,
    to today's anniversary, I congratulate you. You've seen a lot
    and experienced, fortunate that everything has worked out so well – keep it up!
    With best regards Wilma on 18.7.2013

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