3 Years / years old / years

Who turned the clock, is it really so late? Here comes the obligatory anniversary article.

Three years ago I started in Anchorage. I thought, I in 18-20 Months'm back home. I still remember, when I was in the Yukon at the British Columbia border Casey, a cyclist from Oregon, met the three years was traveling. At that time, not a long way, I could not imagine being on the road so long, I found somehow inclined. Now I'm even three years on the road, the nomadic life has become for me everyday.

Two years ago I went with Nathan (velo freedom) by Mexico. (He is the way, lost or. has temporarily / permanently stopped in Panama to cycle?) At that time I had my glasses laying around in the restaurant and we were interviewed by a local television station.

Last year I was in Colombia in Cartagena and I celebrated the two-year-old in "Ciudad Movil".

For three days I am back in Colombia and now again in the beautiful Salento in the heart of the coffee zone. One the one hand feel good on the other hand also a bit frustrating, since most cyclists, I had last met are already in Peru. Well my priorities have shifted and apparently I was for a while in Galápagos, what have become the most begrudged. Perhaps it is also due to my hard racing saddle, that I have become less cycling days?

On Tuesday I left the Casa Helbling in Quito – one of the best hostels I have to say. It was hard for me, especially when everything then comes back worse. But if one wants to experience or achieve something, have to leave his comfort zone.

Three day bus ride and mass worst trash movies I have behind me. In the last bus, I saw the worst movie of my life, mutated giant crocodiles attack American college kids. What a shit!!!

On the first day I came to Las Lajas, a famous pilgrimage site in Colombia. Las Lajas is Ipiales just across the border, so to speak, and on the way. The impressive Neo-Gothic church built a rock wall and across a ravine surrounded by lush, built lovely landscape.

Santuario de las Lajas

Lajas Sanctuary

I spent the second night in Popayan. Since I only arrived at midnight and to 8 Clock in the morning again sat in the bus, I could not see much. But I'll stop there again.

On the third day bus ride I arrived pretty tired after another seven hour bus ride to the goal in Salento. I now have to drive for a while, no more bus to happiness. After I was not on the anniversary celebrations to mute. With Ilse and Martina, I had met on the bus, we were eating pizza and then drink a good coffee.

Now I'm back on my bike, what is now quite dusty and has been waiting for me for three months. Hier im „Plantation House“, was in addition to a lot of my stuff, good hands.

What's Next?

In a few days I want to sit back on the bike and get used again to the tour mode. I have quite missed the cycling.

There are still a few things to organize, before continuing. Among other things, I must make clear my bike, Write two articles and upload photos. Some of my stuff I left with Santiago at Casa de Ciclista in Tumbaco. So I have a few pounds less, at least until Tumbaco (beautiful Quito), to drag. And on my new frame bags I'm also looking forward. Of these, there are also photos.

My path leads me in the coming week south by Buga, Valle del Cauca on to Cali, City of pretty women and Salsa.

Von Cali es geht nach Popayan, the white city. From there the Cordillera Central to San Augustin and then Mocoa the border to Ecuador. Fortunately, it is Salento to Cali first time relatively flat, so that I can slowly bring me back into shape, before then it goes right back to business.

In Quito, I want me the way search for a job and stay for a while there, if it works. Patagonia is then end 2014 targeted, where there is summer then.

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  1. Hi Jens, how are you?, I think these super back to Colombia, disfruta San Agustin.
    I have some questions about lodgings in Pasto, Ipiales, Quito and Ecuador, go on vacation to these cities and would like to know if I can give details of the hostels you know allà.
    A big hug, Greetings John and Daniel.
    I await your response and photos of galapagos.

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