Cali - City of salsa and hot…

… pockets of new frame design Revelate.

From Salento to Cali with new equipment, cute and oblique encounters

I could not stand it in Salento and had to continue to publish without the promised report and pictures from Galapagos. Im Plantation House, where they have kindly kept my stuff all the time I have not felt very comfortable, I stayed out of loyalty but there. This was partly because, that there was a high pass at Travellern. A constant coming and going. This is the disadvantage of the hostels are in the Lonely Planet guide. In one night, a 10-member group celebrated next to our dorm a loud game night with alcohol until deep into the night. I then eventually burst the collar and I have put an end to the revelry. In addition, I had lost in the last few days, two extreme snoring nose as roommates and I foolishly my earplugs. Then the hostel was also getting a bit old and sometimes a bit scruffy.

Get out of here was my thought.

Before leaving, had to wash all my clothes again, which had been so long gelagert. They had an unpleasant basement odors and mold spores. My bike, the cycling shoes, Helmet and all the bags I have also cleaned, everything was pretty filthy.

The new bags from Revelate Design


The new bags Revelate (black)

Axel, I went with the one piece from Bogota I saw the bags and my first thought was only: "The will I have."The Reveal Bags are made in Alaska and are easily in the internet Amounts owed to to order in Switzerland. Here the order worked perfectly and I must say I am very satisfied. At this point, thank you again to Amounts owed to and Sylvie who brought my bags to Ecuador.

Offering additional storage space frame bags have the advantage, that the weight is well distributed in the frame triangle. Optimal, to transport heavy things. For me a good opportunity my bulging saddlebags to empty and take some weight from the rear wheel.

Also, I was able to get rid of the small saddle bag, was impractical anyway. But I now have my tools and a spare tube in the "gas tank", the pocket on the top tube.

The only thing I still need to change is to find a new place for my e-business and the bottle holder, there is not enough space, to come to the well water bottles. Also, it requires a new solution for my Alupumpe to me as a shock weapon, mostly for aggressive dogs, was. She was previously mounted under the top tube and are easily accessible while driving for emergencies.

Finally gone, nice encounters and police control

After hours of preparation, Mounting the Frame Bags, repackage all bags – I had to repair my pump before leaving the airport – I left the afternoon at 14:30 Salento clock with unknown destination. The main thing away! I was happy to sit for about three months back on the bike and let me ride the wind blow in your face. Away from the crowds, from all tailored to tourists place, in the villages where few foreigners usually get there. That what makes a bike tour and, among other things gives her the spice.


Villa María Luisa bei La Tebaida

The first day I came only 38 km far. It was easy to drive and went mostly downhill. The ride my bike is now much better. A while back I went on a river on a dirt road along, the Eje Cafetero with its steep slopes is always fascinating. I landed just before La Tebaida with a nice family, Cabins die vermieten. A beautiful well maintained property with pool even. Although it cost a bit more (2 €), than I wanted to spend, but after the last few days I deserved something better. I had a Cabaña for me, alles tip-top, what a blessing. I do not always have in the past hovels with cobwebs, descend broken doors and Funzelbeleuchtung. I was even allowed to use the kitchen and cook something delicious.

The next day I wanted to Buga come, was 100 miles away was. I had an invitation from David, Warmshowers a Member. A long stretch of this that I was pretty out of shape. But at least it was flat and the traffic also remained within limits. I was coming soon in the warm Valle de Cauca, the Columbia cuts through the plane between the central and the western cordillera to Ecuador. In Bugalagrande, a sympathetic place on a disused railway track, I took a break. I glanced into the church and came up with an older man this week. In parting he kissed my hand.

Shortly afterwards, I still came to a traffic control or something like that.

The friendly policeman wanted to know everything possible about me, Career, as long as I am in Colombia, where I am going, etc.. Finally, then came the question how I liked Colombia and I would find the women. I had to smile, peculiar traffic control, but the Colombians are always up for a conversation and a lot is seen here relatively loose.

In the late afternoon I came into Buga an. David picked me up at a place and we went to him and his family. I was pretty tired, my ass, the neck and my knees hurt a little and I felt the 100 km in the legs very. The house has just been renovated and everything was a bit dusty, but it was all the more nicer and I spent a good time with David. I stayed one more day and we were on Saturdays bathe in the river.


Religious aids

Buga is a beautiful town and is known for its basilica. Here I was in another church again, a special meeting. A woman approached me and asked, if I can pray for her daughter and grandchild in Germany. She had told much and besides some bad breath. I did not understand too much, is also responsible to the question which Holy because in Germany I had to fit. She told me then lots of brochures, Saints, given a medal and an oil to pray. Even an impromptu Our Father I could not wring. When they wanted to, that I copy a prayer, It was then but with my patience over and I said goodbye thanks. A photo I've made for her sake. If they believe that it helps, then good.

Arrived at Cali

Sunday I drove with warm 35 ° C for further Cali, the third largest city in Colombia. It was fortunately not much traffic and I had created a safe route for my GPS which puts me in the neighborhood of San Antonio, in which I had chosen a hostel. Also in Cali there are areas, the moves you had better not.

Here just the World Games are held and there are athletes from around the world visiting. Cali is the City of salsa and after the World Games begin shortly also the Salsa Festival in. Actually, I had to stay here just a week ago, But let's see what the salsa still so has to be.

I'll take at least a few hours - Salsa Style Caleño.

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