On the run

ABC Alarm, Salsa Festival in Cali and breakdown at the wheel

The World Games are over, The Salsa Festival also. I changed my hostel twice and am now staying with Indre and Marcelino, living in Cali.

The first hostel I left, because it was something filthy, the rest have given me the shoes of another traveler. That was really crude. You have stunk so, you're almost tipped over five meters in front of the dorm door. Although I had my bed right by the window, but had the room, even though I put the shoes on the terrace, still stunk like the plague. So extreme I have not experienced. Only in Cartagena I shared the dorm with a chain-smoking Frenchman, wore it pretty contaminated shoes and took off unfortunately for sleeping. (Here I could flee to the other corner of the Dorms) This is not understandable to me, Shoes or soles can be washed, you have to scrub his sandals regularly with the hot temperatures, there is also Talco (Foot powder) or foot spray. I always take baby powder, this helps also very good. That can be abschauen among Latinos, of which no one has ever met me the stank so. (Homeless times except)


Marcelino, Indre, Oriana, Marcelo

In the second hostel announced after two days with a group 22 Children in, I have nothing further to say. Until my departure on Sunday I have Indre (I had met last year in Mompox) Marcelino and temporarily adopted. They live with their children in a beautiful bamboo house in the north of the city.

Salsa Festival

The opening of the Salsa Festival was held at the Teatro Municipal. A queue of people waiting up to the next corner it that the doors were opened. Luckily, I met Anna, I knew from the hostel. Anna knew people turn, the not so far from the entrance waiting in line and we were able to provide us with unobtrusive and. Admission was free, but I would probably have gone back, if I had to queue at the back.

The doors opened after a while waiting and then the snake began to move. It was so similar to a bullfight, when the animals are driven into the arena. The man ran off, pushed from behind as quickly as possible to get the best seat. This is similar to the bus, everyone thinks of, Consideration there does not seem to. One of the unpleasant aspects of Latin America.

The Theatre is a historic building with four floors and a U-shaped balconies on the upper floors. The people rushed from floor to floor and chattered from the lodges of the balconies, were accessible through doors by. Our group was lost during this action but I had a reasonably good place upstairs. After a long wait, it finally went off. The President Juan Manuel Santos then also still appeared spontaneously and delivered a speech. Later there were some dancers, To see couples and groups on stage. Lots of glitter and naked skin and "Blonde" Hair. The salsa in Cali is particularly characterized by the fast footwork. You kuckst Nice to look at, impressively, but I shall not learn to dance in this life probably.

During the festival there were also free salsa lessons for beginners. I took part in a day, but gave up relatively fast. The room was very crowded, I could not see the steps the teacher on the stage and the pace was quite high. Perhaps the high pace of Cali salsa inked on the teachers and from my having to explain it very quickly. Not every good dancer is also a good teacher of didactics and seem to have the least idea. I extended another week in Cali and made me every day to learn salsa to departure. Yesterday I was in a hostel, which offers daily Salsa lessons. That was also very full hot and fast.

Today I practiced the basic steps via YouTube on computer. When I learn the basics, I am satisfied. To learn it well, you have the best website or run a longer course is very intensive.

Breakdown at the wheel

I was actually torn from a bolt carrier and the rest of the thread stuck in, so I had a workshop with my bike.


Muchas gracias, chico buen trabajo :-)

I have sweated blood and water, but it was with a punch remove everything well and they were able to thread the remaining. Fortunately, all threads are greased on my bike, Here is paying careful assembly of.

In my hosts I have to bring the time and rest my blog up to date. I now have all the photos currently, The last article I have again revised and added photos. The article by 7.7.13 "A fake spare parts" I had completed a while ago. Here was something went wrong with the order of the rim.

Cali way, is a very pleasant city – not least because of my host. It is warm, the people are very friendly and open-minded. Here you can bear it well, even better if you like and can dance the salsa.

On Sunday but it's definitely in the direction of Popayan.

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  1. Keine Panik, Salsa Caleño is characterized by a lot of leg work and also relatively fast. But these are on the video of course the best of the best. For beginners, it all goes a bit slower of course. In the next article I write something about the different types of salsa. (who wants to know the same can also look for example at Wikipedia)
    Grüße aus Popayan

  2. Oh dear!!! I have had a very different / wrong?? perception of salsa… :-( Surprising, that do not tie their legs at DEM pace…should I ever want to do a course, I will have to think again about!!!

  3. Hi Jens!

    Schick times a video of you and the basic steps…!

    Greetings, Harry

  4. Now I was also on the salsa festival because I Video
    've seen , which I think is great. I've even earlier times
    I am also told that the whole of small messages o f you
    but about your beauti tion reports, I am of course all the more, let you go well, warm greetings at the Wilma 15 8 2013 and thanks for the video an d your beauti tion report – More good s success
    nzkursen with your Ta and otherwise.

  5. Hanno and I looked at the dance class similar to on the video :-)))

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