I want out! (from Cali)

Strikes and unrest in Colombia, Whirlpool instead of salsa

In Colombia there is a strike across the country for nearly two weeks. Many highways and thus important supply routes are blocked, Some foods are up to 100 % become more expensive or even impossible to find in some parts of the country. One reason for the strike are higher costs for farmers and simultaneously increased competition through several free trade agreements. (zB. with U.S. and Europe)

Apparently farmers in Colombia are forced to use only certified seed as. genetically modified Monsanto SAATGUT. Monsanto ist der berühmt-berüchtigte U.S. Agrochemiekonzern, der auch schon das im Vietnamkrieg eingesetzte Agent Orange herstellte. Auch verdiente Monsanto Millionen durch den Verkauf eines Herbizids, was in Kolumbien zum Einsatz gegen Coca-kam Pflanzungen. Es hatte jedoch fatale Folgen für die Umwelt und auch für die and Gesundheit und von vielen Lebensgrundlage Bauern. (Mehr zum Lesen Plan Colombia)

Meine und Gastgeber Indre Marcelino haben mir noch aus Sicherheitsgründen geraten in Cali solange bis zu bleiben ist der Streik vorüber. A part of Cauca, Department of südlich von Cali, is considered the most dangerous corner of Colombia and is a legal vacuum, controlled by guerrillas and paramilitaries.

Many Colombians have died in this conflict dirty or fled in fear for their lives. Throughout the country there are millions of so-called "desplazados", Displaced by paramilitaries or guerrilla, today often live in poor conditions in marginal areas of big cities.

The paramilitaries or guerrillas take some simple country, to grow on drugs. Also paramilitaries paid by corporations to sell to the residents, if there are raw materials or allow economic interests appear valuable the land. The inhabitants are often threatened and intimidated. Who resists must expect to be murdered. "Generated" using the money from the civil war continues.

>Here you can find very specific with Amnesty and also help<

Probably to bring the protests under control current President Santos ordered a few days ago 50.000 Soldiers from, to support the police. With the strike, there have been two deaths, hundreds wounded and massive damage and destruction effects of roadblocks.

Colombia are still daunting tasks before.


Marcelino is building a hot tub, I help him here.


Marcelino in decorating


All handmade


Ricardo is also one of the many victims of the armed conflict. He left his country house in order to survive.


Oscar cemented the last piece

I hope that the situation calmed down quickly, the parties can reach a compromise and I continue shortly.

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  1. …to….Apparently farmers in Colombia are forced to use only certified seed as. Monsanto's genetically modified seed….. the human people but the hammer is real now…but now it is enough!!!!!!!!what we do?

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