Finally Colombians – Another journey begins

By bus to Ecuador, Visit to the Consul, a nasty surprise in Tumbaco

After an intense period of job search in Popayán and Abklärens the formalities for my work visa, we drove Thursdays (my manager and I) Pasto over the border to Ecuador. Nach ca. eight hours miserable bus ride we reached Ipiales, the city, which lies directly on the border with Ecuador. Friday we wanted to eat across the border to Ecuador, to visit the Colombian Consulate in Tulcan. Tulcan is the counterpart to Ipiales - a rather unattractive border town on Ecuadorian soil, However, there is a great cemetery.

We stood Friday morning, then at the door of the Consulate. After unsuccessful operating all ringing I asked in the clothing store next door, if they knew what the consulate is going. We learned then that holiday is and why it was closed. A placement but is a practical matter, but you can not expect too much yes. After we did not want to depend on the weekend in Tulcan we drove straight on to Quito and spent a few days. We checked for cost reasons at Hostal Posada Colonial one in the historic center. The young clerk there was still wearing the same hat as months ago; he puts them probably never from. The rainy season is noticeable, mostly in the afternoon it rains heavily.

A nasty surprise in Tumbaco

I had, when I was the last time the bus in Ecuador, a box of my things in the Casa de Ciclista in Tumbaco (15 km von Quito) cool. My idea was then relatively quickly from Salento to Quito to cycle, So I left everything there what I do not need for the line. Many spare parts and clothes for the colder climes, in which I was to come. When we got there we were greeted by Santiago, Besitzes dem des House Cycling begrüßt. It was nice to see him and his family.

After a while I got my box from the room, provided for cyclists. I had bonded well but they could be opened very easily. I quickly realized, that my new Schwalbe Marathon tires and spare my long Windstopper cycling shorts lacked. The new Rigida rim and a light sleeping bag was gone. I was horrified, perhaps because in the room stay only cyclists and I would not expect that a cyclist another steals his stuff. It was perhaps naive to think that – In any case, I am now disabused. Santiago assured me, that in the 20 Years, where he runs the Casa Ciclista the, never had anything stolen.

The next day in Quito I have all the stuff unpacked me again looked closely and realized, that more was missing. Shit, the good winter gloves, Socks, Mosquito repellent, etc.. are away, total of things for about. $ 400. I was pissed and I wish the guy the plague to the neck, to be bitten by mosquitoes, to be struck by lightning and 10 Weeks diarrhea.

Santiago sagte mir WHO, that a young Argentine named Martin, the last was pretty burned in the room was, and presumably things would have stolen. His girlfriend Irene had bought in Quito a wheel and the two are together in the direction of Columbia road. He seems to be quite a psycho and Santiago had almost thrown him, because he had beaten Irene in Casa. I would like to talk with him a few bars, might still give it a chance, the world is sometimes small. Probably I have to check off my things easy, even if it is difficult.

Visit to the Consul

Monday we left relatively early Quito towards Tulcan. The bus ride was long and by a landslide, the road was also blocked any longer and we did not arrive until noon in Tulcan. Although the consulate was opened, we were informed that visa applications will be processed only in the morning and we should come back Tuesday. I had hoped, that we can still drive on the same day with the visa.

Tuesday morning we were back on the mat. I had all the documents for work visa, partially authenticated, with me. After a waiting period, after the consular officials checked my records and I at the Bank $50 had paid,could we finally consul. His office was on the top floor, match the hierarchy. A spacious office with sofa, Flat Screen TV, Colombian flag, Computer, Picture of his wife and children on the desk. Before the interview began, I had then the last exit stamp and copy the resume or. go to print. The Consul wanted to know everything exactly, and has queried me on the basis of the CV, what I've done in the year X. He wanted proof of my practice. Of course I had it no original certificates, but all scanned documents. With a German witness what he still printed out and I have it translated very freely, He was then satisfied. However, he did not understand German not even speak English. Sometimes I do wonder what authority some people get their job. Overall, the interview went but quite smooth and without major problems.

After everything was discussed informed the consul with me, that I might return Thursday, then be ready for the visa. It did not negotiate, we had to stay in Tulcan to Thursday. Thursday it was still not ready and we were put off on Friday. On Friday, it was finally finished - almost five days waiting for a sticker in the passport.

The visa has alone $ 245 cost, I may remain a year in the country and work as a lecturer now -'m sort of half Colombian. ;-)

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  1. Hi Jens,

    And when we get to see a photo of the cause of this story?

    Keep enjoying your life!

    Big hug!

  2. Congratulation! !! And when you get the visa for Germany? ?? Haha was a joke. Enjoy your time, and keep us always nice to date ♥ ♥ ♥
    LG, Judith Kay

  3. Hi Jens,

    Hearty congratulations to have landed in the most beautiful country in the world and having fun when salsa dancing.
    Please tension us not so long on the rack with the details of your Gluecksstraehne,
    All the best Axel

  4. hurray you have reported you again, good luck on your
    other travel you Koilumbianer with greetings from Hanau by Wilma
    u nd Greetings from So nny on 7.11.2013.

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