Parque Caldas

Parque Caldas-one of the most beautiful corners in Popayán – without traffic

Popayán is a construction site for months.
For weeks is Calle 5 blocked and all traffic torments himself on back roads through the center. Not only that brings the bad air and dust with it, the average car / bus driver (could it be my brain amputated) is very impatient and begins after a short time to honk. Whether he does it just to pass the time, the horn checked or thinks it helps what, I can not say. In between still push yourself some mopeds and of course horns also. It starts in the morning and goes most of the day so. Terror, all I can say, it is also uncomfortable walking around partially. Popayán is very nice, but the traffic in the narrow streets just corrosive.

Why am I doing this to me? Because Aura, I should have mentioned in the previous article.

For my birthday I need a change of scenery and especially some rest, so I am going tomorrow to the wheel to San Augustin. This is to make it in three days and you have to cross the Cordillera Central.

In San Augustin I meet my old friend Nathan (velo freedom), I've seen for the last time in Mexico exactly two years ago. He is also on the road again and I'm looking forward to his stories. He also writes very well and who can speak English, should have a look at his blog. Aura also comes to San Augustin, However, the bus. (Probably with such a arschigen, honking bus driver)

I want to be with Nathan turning a small round and south to Mocoa and then after about the infamous trampoline de la Muerte Pasto. The I went to talk with Stefan in the car, but with the wheel which is of course a very different number. I used to be before Popayán again before Christmas. Oh man that is ne hearty Tour, but I am very excited.

In this sense, a beautiful Christmas and a special greeting and best wishes to my mother.

I will report.



2 thoughts on “Sail-Revival

  1. Hi Jens!

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!! Lass es Dir gut gehen!

    Greetings, Harry

  2. Hello dear Jens, ich gratuliere Dir herzlich zu Deinem heutigen
    Geburtstag und wünsche Dir alles Gute, Glück und Gesundheit und dass
    alles so gut klappt wie Du Dir das wünschst. Weitere Geburtstagsgrüsse und
    Weihnachsgrüsse kannst Du dann auf Deinem Konto nachlesen.Ich hoffe
    sehr dass Du heute ei nen schö ne n Tag mit Nathan und Deiner Freu ndin
    verbringst. Es wäre so schön wenn wir wieder wie im vorigen am24.12. with
    Dir telefonieren , mit hertzlichen Grüssen Wilma am15.12.2013

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