Coming (leaving) home

Last week we were in Bogota and had an appointment at the German Embassy. Aura and I have decided to go to Germany, therefore we have a visa for her requested, I hope they will arrive soon. Planned the trip is the beginning of May, however, we must wait to book the flight on the visa.


in Bogotá

My tour is now first definitely to an end. I look forward to Germany, but also know now that I will miss Colombia. Not everything Allerding, the honking motorists, the bad and narrow sidewalks with many holes, the clouds of exhaust, the alarm systems, constantly go, the very high noise background are some things, that I can not get used to. I am also pleased to be able to go out again at any time day or night, without me to wonder whether I might fall over or in what district I better not go.

The largest of Colombia - in addition to the spectacular, diverse landscape – is the friendliness of the met me and the impartiality of the people with whom I was taken here as a foreigner.

I hope, that aura in Germany also goes so - we'll see. Ach ja, we bring even a small cyclists(rin) with ;-)

In this sense - nos vemos pronto (we'll see you soon)


3 thoughts on “Coming (leaving) home

  1. You want to increase the population of Hanau? Very well! So we will fast city …

  2. Yeah, you come back! !!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Where do you draw wirds? Frankfurt?
    Then we will see you all again soon “properly”.
    We are looking forward to your gift;-)
    Many greetings and “anticipation”
    Kay und Judith

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