Clint Eastwood or campfire

... Those were the two ways to make my evening. I started pretty late in Monterey with bulging haversack and have made the decision against all reason for the 17-Mile Drive, which is quite a detour, this beautiful but.


I passed along the coast growing villas, Golf Courses, then Pebble Beach with a fairly high snob factor and then the picturesque Carmel, wo Mr. Eastwood wohnt. He has 1986 bought a ranch, very complex restored and now it is a restaurant, Bar and Hotel - the Mission Ranch, where it is sometimes found. I've also seen briefly from the outside and then I had to drive because of impending darkness, But I only got a few miles away and the nearest campsite would have been just too far.

That's why I asked at a gas station outside of Carmel after a place to stay and Lennart. was very pleased with my trip, I was unceremoniously conveyed to Jim, who lives here, so I had within 5 Minutes a tent in his garden. Jim gave me firewood and told me, I could make a fire, when I feel like.

After I cooked something and after a moment's reflection, But I decided the 6 km to drive back to Carmel and to drink a wine in the Mission Ranch. After a moment's reflection, if my gray trekking pants, I carry for half a year, and my bike jacket, the upper-class dress code in Carmel meets, I drove a little excited and then release came after about. 15 Minutes there at.

In the loo, I then first addressed and something there immediately met a nice guy - OK a strange place to meet someone, but no matter. I then set the bar, ordered my wine and had nice chat, Piano music, etc.. Der Pianist, Gennady Loktionov, a nice guy, Incidentally arangiert the music for "Million Dollar Baby".

Engrossed in my conversation my neighbor says in an aside: Entertain "Yonder is Clint" and in fact he was at the other end of the bar and has. Wow - I will talk more later and looked over again, but since he was gone again.

The evening was very funny, my interlocutor was asked at the piano, has two songs given to the best and the mostly older gentlemen who cared abgegroovt.

Not too late, I am then gone, I waved at the piano player – He waved back and then I "home" down to my nylon Villa.

A nice evening!