Fuck the Paradise

Round Big Sur. Big Sur is da bomb – it’s just the bomb – that’s all to say!


And now in German: Ever since I left SF I have absolutely perfect weather. Big Sur is not the most beautiful coastline wrong in all of North America. Highway 1 meanders subtly along the coast and you move on mostly between 20 and 230 Meters and at every turn you have a picture postcard and I will come out of sheer amazement forward only very slowly.

From the sea otters and seals barking, Whales are impressive and sometimes blow a fountain - you just need something to be patient, to discover them. I, In addition to countless other animals the California Condor, a very rare bird, seen.

It is every day a touch warmer and the sea breeze blows a pleasantly refreshing, so that it is not too hot. I'm with Pete, whom I have met in Monterey in the hostel, and we move forward - but it does not matter.

We camp on the sea 20 Feet below the surf thunders with a primal force to the coast. I cook something delicious and four raccoons hanging around in the dark in the area and wait for an opportunity. I say: „Kollegen, just to fit - I warn you - I bear spray "and shooing them.

Yesterday I saw hundreds of elephant seals, The boys get their just. They make funny noises and are crowded together on the beach. I drive off into the sunset and the scenery is getting shallower. A lighthouse is situated idyllically on my right, …

I wonder, if you can get enough in itself to the beauty of nature (no, can not be) and think of people, spend their lives in front of the telly or otherwise wasting.

Nature has a tremendous force and are infinitely more energy and inspiration.

I'm back 95 % fit and the last days were just perfect.