A tribute to my hosts

Since I started using “Warmshowers” in Victoria (Vancouver Island) and also before, I met so many nice people who invited me to their homes or for a meal. Sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneously. (as a kid I learned not to go with strangers)

I am very grateful for your hospitality the trust and think of that many times when I am riding my bike. I made a lot of friends, saw old friends, in some cases I felt I was part of the family. :-) :-) :-)

Many of my hosts not only provided me with a place to sleep and a shower, some even invited me for a meal or let me do laundry – far more than I would ask for. Strangers gave me food, material or something on the streets and encouraged me to continue my trip and let me feel that it is something special what I do.

It is in fact, but is even more special, when I feel that response from other people. In some cases I felt just to talk to people and telling what I do is very inspiring for them. In some cases it is maybe a wish for change, in other cases people will change parts of their life. This is a very good feedback and also inspires me a lot. ( I should maybe found a bicycle sect ;-))

So even if there are many weird Americans from an arrogant European point of view, I met the best on my trip and it is a great country for travelling and especially for cycling.

So if you do something special you will encounter a lot of special things and this is the difference between a trip and a vacation.

Travelling is the best way of education and the best way to spend your money.

Thank you all


2 thoughts on “A tribute to my hosts

  1. Jens!

    It was wonderful to have you!! I hope that LA has continued to treat you well, and that your border crossing goes well. (I am confident that it will.) If you get to Ushuaia and decide you want to turn around and head back north, consider yourself welcome here once more. I’m only sorry that I was so busy and not able to show you around and be a better host. Ride safely! Hopefully I’ll make it to Deutschland to visit sometime not too far off.


  2. wow :),
    I will just clear, as long as you are now and how perfect your rumfährst is English! and how many nice people you have met there have. am very excited for you !


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