After I Week Santa, Semana Santa Umzugcould experience one of the highest holidays of the Catholics in several cities, me anything in the beautiful Zacatecas held.

Zacatecas is to just 2500 m in the same state and is one of many old colonial cities and not in vain UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most beautiful city in Mexico and probably the most beautiful city of my trip so far - if I can compare the.

I have met nice people, there is a good vegetarian restaurant, a centrally located hostel just behind the cathedral with a phenomenal rooftop. Here are just a four-week cultural festival runs many events, there are Karaoke bars, where to be fresh from speaking Spanish in front 99 % Mexican audience may be the best (Guantanamera und La Vida Loca) or Rasputin by Boney M, which then led to a considerable increase in the atmosphere.

For several days I suppose, for several hours a day, Spanish private lessons, to entertain me next to the necessities of daily life can also. With English one can not often well, Many Mexicans do not speak English, but that's an incentive to learn it necessarily.

In Zacatecas next to the soul can also let your calves.

4 thoughts on “Zacatecas

  1. Hi Jens,
    we just laze around in Gran Canaria. Peter says, The island lies roughly at the same latitude as Mexico…..??????No idea, but we enjoy the country and people and sun….
    Best regards…..

  2. Hi Jens. I'm Héctor, Michoacan vom. Likely present you my email.

  3. Han Jens, Here you'll also pursue bissal present on your route..
    You know, that you can crash in San Luis Potosí on my couch?!
    So if you come around, But I would suggest you take the environment, La Huasteca with Xilitla and Real de Catorce…
    And then you may miss out on your NOT Guanajuato, namely that is perhaps the most beautiful city in Mexico!
    Have fun you have, and when you come around, let me know.

  4. Hi Bro,

    and what is born to be alive :-) would help to increase the mood.

    I sis

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