Sleepless Nights II vs.. Fair

In addition to bring some pleasant aspects of the lodgings in a hostel with the, There are also strong drawbacks, especially if you sleep in a community property.

One night an obviously be open to couples 2:30 night in the dorm and climbed into the bunk bed above me. For super! I was naturally awake and was then correspondingly bad mood, because it was clearly well, what the two were planning.

I have to say so very clearly: Who wants to fuck, will take kindly to a single room or drive them somewhere else, but not in a mass accommodation!!!

In addition, you get in a bunk bed with every movement. I then first swearing in English (my Spanish is not too bad) and the guy there has hardly understood. This has led to, that the two were quiet and did not move. However, the guy has to be about. 5 Minutes so started to snore and wheeze, that no thought of sleep was. It sounded, as if a flock of guinea pigs strangled.

After an unsuccessful appeal to the night porter I moved to 5 Clock to another room.

The following night was not much relaxing. My German roommate came home at night rotzbesoffen. One, who was sleeping above me, was not responsive and climb just in a position in his bed. After a few minutes I heard only, that he began to vomit. In this case, the gravity your enemy and the lower bunk clearly a disadvantage. Oh great, I thought to myself, grabbed my things and put me in another bed in Nachbardorm.

Perhaps a sign to move on, I was long enough in Zacatecas?

After a long, warm and Cycling Day 120 km I am then arrived in Aguascalientes with my couchsurfing hosts Luis and finally had a few more quiet nights and a single room. In Aguascalientes just ran "La Feria"La Feria the biggest party of Mexico with five miles of "Counter", a mad police, and military presence, Lots of people, Stands, Music. The concentrate of Mexico in a town in the four-week period.

During the week bearable, But the weekend just too much for me. Since I have a cold, is more like me anyway "tranquillo". There is already a corner warmer than in Zacatecas, the air is very dry and it is still quite warm at night. Luis is a photographer and I had some photo shoots of Quinceañeras thereby assist and be, which was very interesting. If the girls 15 Years (Fifteen years) old and thus to "women" are, is there a big celebration and before a photo shoot often, Makeup, Extrakleid, etc.. – in short, it is used quite a burden. Who wants to see photos here may under: Visual Impact

Because of my cold I had to make a forced break, but soon it goes back further.

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