Death in Guanajuato

Not that I was killed in hail of bullets from Narcotraficantes, no, otherwise I could not write the article, I'm in the mummy museum in GuanajuatoMumie landed. The Mexicans have indeed a special relationship to death and the mummies, which are exhibited here, were 19 Jh. excavated, was extended when the graveyard. Slight angle, if you go through here, Wasserleichen, Children (Angels), Buried alive are issued.

While I was already fascinated by Zacatecas, is GuanajuatoKathedrale in Guanajuato in the same State is even more beautiful. Guanajato is also an old colonial town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, became rich by natural resources, especially through huge silver stocks. Rich became above all the silver barons, who first enslaved the indigenous population and then employed them for slave wages under terrible conditions. Guanajuatos Road network consists of. eight km tunnels and to cross it with the bicycle is a little thrill.

After a few days' stay in Guanajuato and a demanding stage, because the first 40 km were very mountainous and I of 2000 on 2600 meters had to climb, I San Miguel de AllendeSan Miguel de Allende, another architectural and cultural highlight, achieved, and here it is perhaps even more beautiful. Here live many American retirees and some could be issued well in the Mummy Museum. Not because of the age, but because of the failed visit to the plastic surgeon and the mask-like facial expression. Beauty is just a relatively.

From here it's only just 300 km from Mexico City, what I wanted to avoid.

3 thoughts on “Death in Guanajuato

  1. yes hello, you are now in Mexico City or not???? where are you anyway??? it's already July…. little sign of life would be very nice!!! rainy greetings

  2. You cannot avoid Mexico City, it’s incredible and really not that bad to ride into. I’d absolutely recommend giving it a go.

  3. Jens:

    I like your articles with that touch of rogue, to write, Mexico is really beautiful, I hope you continue to enjoy the most of your trip……

    Good luck in your journey

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