Wetlands - There will be wet

Not the moist kiss of blog readers to let me get wet, but the rainy season has begun, bringing at least in the cool highlands and most regular downpours.

What was new in the last time?

In Queretaro, I also dream of the first Critical Mass (Take the Bike) seen, Unfortunately my bike was in the hostel.DSC05402

After I finally crossed the Queretaro 10.000 km mark and thus come closer to the half of my tour.

Two days later, with increasing traffic along a three-lane highway, I reached the Verkehrsmolloch and perhaps the greatest city in the world – Mexico City – over 20 Million inhabitants. For a long time I had the first rain when cycling near the entrance to the city. On the motorway it can usually drive very well, on the "Quota", the toll road you can usually drive a little more relaxed, there is an edge strip and also there is less traffic. As a cyclist you have to pay anything, one can simply meander past the toll booth.

The traffic chaos in Mexico City was less severe than feared, However, traffic lights are often ignored and therefore many traffic policemen also in use, what some moped riders also does not stop at red to go about it. As a cyclist you have to watch as hell, as an addition, other cyclists or mopeds meet on the right side of the road or a 20 inches deeper or missing manhole covers one can quickly move out of bounds.

Mexico City (1)In any case, you can see here, that the car is an absolutely moronic transport in a big city and the many motorists, standing in traffic jams or at traffic lights and honk then even pointless annoying then only from. Despite the traffic chaos that Mexico City is worth in every respect, a city of superlatives, and definitely worth a visit - I was glad not to have them drive around.

After a short break and visit home from my sister and Sabine and a trip to Oaxaca in the south and in the tropical Puerto Esco Ditto on the sea, it goes back to work tomorrow and I'll take the rest 1500 Mexico km beneath the wheels.

in the tropical

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  1. Jens, You are now a year away….and only come back next year! that's sooooo long!!! Pass good for you to continue :-) We look forward to your return!!! :-) LG, Skirt

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