Oxygen deficiency at the Popocatépetl and a new alliance

Getting out of Mexico City but as?

My host Warmshowers Everardo has recommended me to the southeast over the Paso de Cortés Puebla to drive. Cortés has 16. Century, the route between the two volcanoes Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl chosen, according to Tenochtitlán – today's Mexico City- to come.

The Popocatépetl located in about. 70 km away from Mexico City. He is the second highest volcano in North America and the second-highest mountain in Mexico.

After a night in Amecameca, about what to. 2400 m is I made myself for lunch at the 26 km long ascent to the pass. It was initially slightly rainy, was cloudy and getting cooler with increasing altitude. The little-used road screwed on a scenic landscape from higher and 3000 Meters, I had to take breaks more often, because the slope, but the lack of oxygen made breathing more difficult. In addition, hired a slight headache.

Paso de CortesWith his last energy, I reached the pass at night 3700 m height and was able to stay in the visitor center. I was so high on the earth so far never been.

Unfortunately, I had a pretty shittiest night there, since any weak Maten constantly knocking on the door and also the radio of the Mountain Rescue, what in the same room as I was, I tore at full volume, and any radio messages from their sleep.

All evil, but always following a positive event and I met some nice mountain bikers, who invited me to stay in Cholula. (Cornelius and Michael thank you very much 1+2)

After a coffee, Breakfast and a lot of thinking I could overcome myself, despite my desperate state with no luggage other 8 km on a dirt road hochzuquälen. Der Weg brachte mich auf fast 4000 m nach La Joya. Blick auf den Iztaccíhuatl From there you can the Iztaccíhuatl climb, the Popocatépetl is closed because of volcanic activity. Reward for the slog was atmemberaubende prospects and a fascinating natural. The clouds burst every now and again to share a look at the two volcanoes.

English-German alliance

After a few wonderful days in Cholula and Puebla, where there for me so far the best food in Mexico and, of course, again gave a dazzling historical center, I'm leaving Puebla in twos.

In Puebla I'm Nathan (Velofreedom), I'm down with the last in Canada, hit. We want to cooperate to Oaxaca and then Chiapas go. Then we part ways again, because after Yukatan and after I Guatemala would like. But let's see, there is still a long way to Patagonia, and maybe we meet again?

The last two cycling days were pleasantly, because it is a little cooler and we stayed dry in spite of clouds, at least on the bike except a few drops.

That was the word on Sunday from Tehuacán!

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  1. Fence, if it's been a long, hard and enjoyed travel, but the reward will be very welcome,,,luck to the two travelers

  2. So when I consider, how many photos you have now have been shot, then we do best with a sleeping bag and breakfast to you, wennDu are back, To see ALL images….. Looking forward to the rich HUGE photo album!!

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