Sweat, Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

is my night lotion, when I camp. Not really pleasant, But after a whole day in the saddle you are just too flat and just looking forward to sleeping on the. The mountains of Oaxaca (scenically one of my favorites in Mexico) was simply wonderful and the last days, Despite the heat, a pleasure.

Oaxaca-50Many butterflies with me recently, small lizards can be seen on the road, the birds sound different and the climate is definitely tropical - hot and humid. Unfortunately, I've been in Oaxaca (City) alone on the road again, Nathan has since become a farmer and for a short time on an organic farm (Tierra del Sol) remains. I spent one night there and I would imagine there may well stay a while, But my visa expires soon and I must travel a few miles to the border with Guatemala.

I am geographically since yesterday Central America and at sea level. I covered a few miles and am in Juchitán, am Isthmus von Mexico, the narrowest point between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. From Juchitán I would have expected something more, I'm spoiled by the many beautiful colonial cities. Nevertheless, even today I put a rest day - perhaps there are still discovering what?