Hurricane force winds and first spoke breakage

In Juchitán then there was nothing further to discover, except that it was as warm as the day before. My next stop was San Cristobal in the mountains of Chiapas and I wanted to reach quickly as possible and put in a pair of long legs.
First it went to the Isthmus of Pan American relatively flat with vast fields of wind turbines thereIsthmus of Tehuantepec. The wind blows here for some hurricane-force, that there was once nearly swept me off my bike and I had to stop. Even the opening of the handlebar bag here was a challenge. A little hungry and thirsting for a cold drink (Tail!!!) I put on 50 km a break and when I took my bike parked there, "Zong" and simultaneously "pfft" – Spoke my first crack (despite 2,3 – 2 Strong-mm spokes) at km 11.101 and also a platter on the rear wheel. For super!

Fortunately I was just in a small town at a restaurant, could strengthen me first and had shade and a table for the repair. The Mexicans are very entpannt yes so I could unload my bike and carry out repairs in the restaurant and at the same time give the other guests and the owner of a small unit training in a professional bicycle repair. Since the spoke had broken on the rear wheel on the sprocket side, I first had the crown gear with the cassette tool NBT-2 from Gerritsen & Meijers, a great tool for travel, remove, Before I could thread the new spoke. Works great and I can recommend very!!!

After 1,5 Hours, 2 Mückenstichen, 3 Tail, 5 bar on the tire and after instruction on the 12 Apostle (OK, I have not really understood so much) by the very friendly host and adoption believing I could then continue.Hasta Luego The repair was as exhausting as 20 km cycling.

The next day we went back into the mountains and I found the tropical rain, the increase in soaking wet on me very pleasantly, as it cooled me beautiful. Now and then wrung out the shirt and the gloves and gone on, Synthetic fiber dries very quickly and fortunately also warms, when it is wet.
Eventually, after nearly 120 km I reached the capital of the state of Chiapas, Tuxtla Guitiérrez. It lies only about. 520 m in height and has, besides a lot of traffic, Stand, constantly honking motorists and a church with flat-screen TVs, not much to offer.
Also here is very warm and cools off at night, hardly – Tuxtla You can give yourself.
OK, It was a good Pizza , but their guest room additionally heated up, by the withdrawal of their pizza oven, the middle of the room was 30 ended inches above the stove. Can be very tiring to eat pizza.
Also, my hostel (Hotel-Hostal San Miguel) very nice and clean, But I was glad to drive on again.