After a difficult mountain stage in the world of the Maya

The next stage is always the hardest. Not always, but that is definitely on the route of Tuxtla Guitiérrez after San Cristobal de las Casas to.

The first 20 km it is still slowly to, but then it goes into the mountain, 50 km uphill only. Chiapas-10From 1000 m then blows but now and again a hint of a cool breeze and the higher, the cooler we. For a few meters shadow I'm also on the opposite carriageway, no matter it's hot - very hot. Of the miles I get little or no progress, my altimeter motivates me and I put 200 Meter Stage. I want it to San Cristobal create and located on 2100 m. Since I only order 10:30 I set off clock, it is short and I want to be in any case before nightfall on target. I have very "good legs" (Radfahrersprache) and am very good shape and I'm no longer breaks through.

On 1800 m is a small booth and then I allow myself a short break, It was raining and I'm soaked. Water-filled, Socks and gloves wringing, reingehauhen some tostadas and more, Time is running out.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful and around every corner opens up a new, beautiful view - it's crazy fun to race here and this is in addition to the altitude, the main motivation.

People, living here, are mainly Maya and talk with others Tzotzil. Spanish, many do not learn it or just as a second language. There is a whole different world here and I already feel a little like an alien with my high-tech equipment. Overall, many people here a little more reserved and not so often greet back, as previously. In Chiapas, I heard for the first time in Mexico Gringo- Clothes. Nevertheless, it is mostly friendly and I feel safe.

On 2100 m's around the next curve or a slope and it is then already tough. So I'll come after several corners but still more than 2400 m and it is getting dark. But I see from here, a fantastic sunset.Chiapas-13 In the last town before San Cristobal then it is already dark and I still have almost 15 km to go. There are a few more carbohydrates and one day it must also go on down. The achievement of the goal is too tempting, so I continue despite darkness, it's the last 8 km downhill.

Against 21 I get to clock 7:40 Hours of actual driving time San Cristobal. After 87 Kilometers, and 2321 Altitude - so far my absolute mountain record. I feel like the winner of a mountain stage in the Tour de France.

San Cristobal is beautiful, perhaps my favorite city in Mexico. A good mixture of tourism, Indigenous and other, not too large, nice and cool evenings, there is plenty to see and good food - even a French bakery with the best treats and bread since loooong time. Many have been stuck here. (mmhh???) I once again some great Warmshowersgastgeber and feel good. "Should I stay here", are thought, come to me in the head?

We took a trip to Chamula and made a visit to the local church was one of my most impressive church attendance at all. You enter a church without benches, the floors are covered with pine needles, hundreds of candles, incense-impregnated air - a crazy atmosphere. Here, Christian faith is mixed with the natural religion of the indigenous. The many apostles, which can be seen on the walls in glass cases, are wrapped in traditional costumes. Chickens are sacrificed here, Conjuring spirits or expelled, There is something very special to be allowed to be present here.

This visit was definitely one of my cultural attractions in Mexico!

2 thoughts on “After a difficult mountain stage in the world of the Maya

  1. Hallo Jens Wenn ich das lese, habe ich immer den Eindruck, das schreibt jemand völlig anderes. Es ist der Wahnsinn was du da erlebst und leistest. Ich muss mich dann immer kneifen, das ich weiss, dass du das bist. Alles Liebe und Glück der Welt auf deiner Tour. Holger

  2. Mannomann! Du hast ja Recht, dass SanCris eine der tollsten Städte istfinde ich auch. Aber diese ganze Strecke in einem Tag?? Respect. Bist mittlerweile schon einHartergeworden, or?

    Hey Jens! Schön zu lesen, dass du jetzt in Chiapas bist. Wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß und ich könnte gut verstehen, wenn San Cristobal dich noch ein bisschen länger da behält als geplant.

    Hast du Bilder vom Inneren der Kirche gemacht? Ich weiß, ist verboten (und wir haben uns daher auch nicht getraut), aber ich hätte schon gerne eins.

    Schöne Grüße aus der Spohrstraße (wir haben hier auch gerade Regenzeit)


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