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I want out! (from Cali)

Strikes and unrest in Colombia, Whirlpool instead of salsa

In Colombia there is a strike across the country for nearly two weeks. Many highways and thus important supply routes are blocked, Some foods are up to 100 % become more expensive or even impossible to find in some parts of the country. One reason for the strike are higher costs for farmers and simultaneously increased competition through several free trade agreements. (zB. with U.S. and Europe)

Apparently farmers in Colombia are forced to use only certified seed as. genetically modified Continue reading

On the run

ABC Alarm, Salsa Festival in Cali and breakdown at the wheel

The World Games are over, The Salsa Festival also. I changed my hostel twice and am now staying with Indre and Marcelino, living in Cali.

The first hostel I left, because it was something filthy, the rest have given me the shoes of another traveler. That was really crude. You have stunk so, you're almost tipped over five meters in front of the dorm door. Although I had my bed right by the window, but had the room, even though I put the shoes on the terrace, still stunk like the plague. So extreme I have not experienced. Only in Cartagena I shared the dorm with a chain-smoking Frenchman, wore it pretty contaminated shoes and took off unfortunately for sleeping. (Here I could flee to the other corner of the Dorms) Continue reading

Photos go again


Today it has rained a lot in Cali. I actually wanted to watch the last day of the salsa festival. Because the weather has passed me the desire and I have to bring half the day spent in the galleries again Odnung. (Since Nextgen Gallery plugin does not seem to get it under control despite Update, was the only way to install the last working version- and see there it goes again) :-)

Cali - City of salsa and hot…

… pockets of new frame design Revelate.

From Salento to Cali with new equipment, cute and oblique encounters

I could not stand it in Salento and had to continue to publish without the promised report and pictures from Galapagos. Im Plantation House, where they have kindly kept my stuff all the time I have not felt very comfortable, I stayed out of loyalty but there. This was partly because, that there was a high pass at Travellern. A constant coming and going. This is the disadvantage of the hostels are in the Lonely Planet guide. In one night, a 10-member group celebrated next to our dorm a loud game night with alcohol until deep into the night. I then eventually burst the collar and I have put an end to the revelry. In addition, I had lost in the last few days, two extreme snoring nose as roommates and I foolishly my earplugs. Then the hostel was also getting a bit old and sometimes a bit scruffy.

Get out of here was my thought.

Before leaving, had to wash all my clothes again, which had been so long gelagert. They had an unpleasant basement odors and mold spores. My bike, the cycling shoes, Helmet and all the bags I have also cleaned, everything was pretty filthy.

The new bags from Revelate Design


The new bags Revelate (black)

Axel, I went with the one piece from Bogota I saw the bags and my first thought was only: "The will I have." Continue reading

3 Years / years old / years

Who turned the clock, is it really so late? Here comes the obligatory anniversary article.

Three years ago I started in Anchorage. I thought, I in 18-20 Months'm back home. I still remember, when I was in the Yukon at the British Columbia border Casey, a cyclist from Oregon, met the three years was traveling. At that time, not a long way, I could not imagine being on the road so long, I found somehow inclined. Now I'm even three years on the road, the nomadic life has become for me everyday.

Two years ago I went with Nathan (velo freedom) by Mexico. (He is the way, lost or. has temporarily / permanently stopped in Panama to cycle?) At that time I had my glasses laying around in the restaurant and we were interviewed by a local television station.

Last year I was in Colombia in Cartagena and I celebrated the two-year-old in "Ciudad Movil".

For three days I am back in Colombia and now again in the beautiful Salento in the heart of the coffee zone. Continue reading

Back to Colombia


There is a lot going on, I got a visa for Ecuador, a response from Meilenweit, an interview in Quito and Galapagos behind me…. Tomorrow I go back to Salento from Quito to my bike and then I leave Salento without the Galapagos articles and uploaded the images to have. And all this will be explained in some.

Greetings from Casa Helbling, the best hostel for a long time

A wrong spare part - on the edge of despair

Before Sylvie and Sarah came to visit me, I did order a marathon behind me. In addition to a reunion that was also a good opportunity to bicycle parts to come. Many parts are not at all to get in Latin America.

One of the most important parts she had for myself, was a stable new wheel hub and spokes including a new rear wheel. Rims are subject to wear and give depending on the quality, Lacing, Mileage, Care and weight of the wheel and driver sometime sooner or later the ghost.

So I had a Ryde (Rigid) Other 30 Rim in black with 36 Hole * (I thought – see below) and 26 Inches at a store specializing in cycling holidays (Meilenweit in Berlin) ordered on the Internet. This is mostly hassle free, fast and reliable. Continue reading

Back in Quito


did quite well again recovered from a pesky flu and adjusted to the altitude and the climate of Quito.(2. highest capital in the world) Still has a few of the 1400 Select photos from the Galapagos and then there's finally something new….

Wow it is – now even better!!!


I have spared no time and effort and tinkered times somewhat. Let's see, if it proved?

In addition to a new design, the latest achievement is on my side an automatic Notification to RSS oder per E-mail. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive a short email whenever there is a new report. With text messages I can often times be a message from me. (which will look especially my aunt ;-) )

'm In Quito and Galapagos prepare my trip before.

Saludos Jens