A small detour – A little side-trip

Return to good friends to San Francisco

Last year I spent my birthday in Xela. Christmas and the new year was also a bit lonely at the Lago de Atitlan. A break on the rear wheel hub extended my stay here in San Pedro. With a little bottle of whiskey and a Bin Laden-cracker I presented me, However, for this then attended a two-hour twirping sounds in my ear….(Firecrackers in Guatemala are much stronger!!!)

The desire to spend the holiday season with good friends, and after a new pair of trousers I have to my friends Ron and Victoria moved with her children Lila and Eden in San Francisco to visit.

Mustang at the Golden Gate Bridge

From a fixed idea and an invitation then was reality and I flew the day before my visa expired in Colombia to San Francisco. Exactly two years ago I stopped by there with the wheel, and almost two years I've been in Latin America. It was a strange feeling to return. I I rejoiced to see my friends and the kids, to joint activities such as crabs and Celebrations. Continue reading

Slideshow in San Francisco Cycling Alaska-Argentinia

Hello fellow cyclists and travellers,

I am cycling the Panamerican Highway from Alaska to Argentina. On the road for over two years now, I made it so far 16.000 km through 11 countries to Bogotá/Colombia. Currently I am in San Francisco (by plane) before going back to Colombia continuing my trip.

In cooperation with Sports Basement I will do a slideshow of my trip with my favorite pictures and stories. I am looking for some guests to invite. There is a limited number of seats available.
SB sponsors drinks and snacks – there is no entrance fee.

When and Where?
Friday 28th of December 2012 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
@ Sports Basement
1590 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Would be great to see you.
If you want to come, for better planning please put your name on the list: http://doodle.com/9r3dthcs5cb8hzts

Cheers Jens

Mexico is calling – bye bye USA

Nach einer lockeren Fahrt bei Sonnenschein und zu viel Verkehr nach San Diego San Diegoverbringe ich meine letzten Stunden in den USA und fahre in Kürze mit gemischten Gefühlen und voller Spannung über Tecate zu den mexikanischen Nachbarn über eine der bestbewachten Grenzen der Welt.

Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen genieße ich den Luxus eines Continue reading

A tribute to my hosts

Since I started using “Warmshowers” in Victoria (Vancouver Island) and also before, I met so many nice people who invited me to their homes or for a meal. Sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneously. (as a kid I learned not to go with strangers)

I am very grateful for your hospitality the trust and think of that many times when I am riding my bike. I made a lot of friends, saw old friends, in some cases I felt I was part of the family. :-) :-) :-)

Many of my hosts not only provided me with a place to sleep and a shower, some even invited me for a meal or let me do laundry – far more than I would ask for. Strangers gave me food, material or something on the streets and encouraged me to continue my trip and let me feel that it is something special what I do.

It is in fact, but is even more special, when I feel that response from other people. In some cases I felt just to talk to people and telling what I do is very inspiring for them. In some cases it is maybe a wish for change, in other cases people will change parts of their life. This is a very good feedback and also inspires me a lot. ( I should maybe found a bicycle sect ;-))

So even if there are many weird Americans from an arrogant European point of view, I met the best on my trip and it is a great country for travelling and especially for cycling.

So if you do something special you will encounter a lot of special things and this is the difference between a trip and a vacation.

Travelling is the best way of education and the best way to spend your money.

Thank you all


Zombie Nation

oder mein Besuch in einem Buffet.

Nachdem ich vorgestern von Jim in Ventura auf der Straße aufgegabelt wurde und bei ihm übernachten konnte, waren wir heute früh zu Besuch in einem Buffet. Wir waren relativ früh dort und vor uns sind ein paar Leute zombieartig zu dem Eingang geschlichen. Ein Buffet ist ein Restaurant, in dem man sich so vollstopfen kann, bis man platzt. DSC03854 Continue reading

Siesta in SLO

Endlich habe ich Southern California erreicht. Während ich vor kurzem noch in SF gefröstelt habe, ist es heute sehr warm, fast zu warm (was man von Deutschland wohl nicht behaupten kann- höhö -musste doch mal interessehalber das Wetter in der Heimat nachsehen).

Der Klimasprung ist sehr deutlich spürbar und so mache ich in San Louis Obispo eine Siesta um mich schonmal an den anderen Rythmus und das wärmere Klima zu gewöhnen.

Tagesziel ist Guadalupe, was wieder etwas näher am Pazifik liegt und wo die kühlende Meeresbrise, ein Bett bei einem Warmshowers- Gastgeber und eine Waschmaschine auf mich wartet. Morgen versuche ich möglichst weit in Richtung Santa Barbara zu kommen. Es ist jetzt relativ flach und so lässt es sich ganz gut rollen. LA ist zum Greifen nahe.

Fuck the Paradise

Round Big Sur. Big Sur is da bomb – it’s just the bomb – that’s all to say!


And now in German: Ever since I left SF I have absolutely perfect weather. Big Sur is not the most beautiful coastline wrong in all of North America. Highway 1 meanders subtly along the coast and you move on mostly between 20 and 230 Meters and at every turn you have a picture postcard and I will come out of sheer amazement forward only very slowly.

Continue reading

Clint Eastwood or campfire

... Those were the two ways to make my evening. I started pretty late in Monterey with bulging haversack and have made the decision against all reason for the 17-Mile Drive, which is quite a detour, this beautiful but.


I passed along the coast growing villas, Golf Courses, then Pebble Beach with a fairly high snob factor and then the picturesque Carmel, wo Mr. Eastwood wohnt. Continue reading

Gary Fisher in the health food store

that can happen to meet one or, when you go shopping in San Francisco. A paradise for gourmets – would have preferred to buy the whole store, but unfortunately have no space and the money the hospital has.

M ready for use again tomorrow and it goes further south, the weather promises to be good the next day and warmer it is also.

Halfmoon Bay, Santa Cruz, Big Sur …I am glad to finally be on the road again. I also have new mattress and after hours on the phone with Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection, I hope, that it is a solution.

Everything will be fine