Semana Santa

Our last week in Popayán

Last week ended the Semana Santa, the most important festival for most people in Latin America and in Popayán. As of miracle hand all construction sites have disappeared, mended the many holes in the streets, many buildings were whitewashed new white. It seems Popayán lives for this one event only, and then sinks back into irrelevance. I was glad to be able to witness this important festival yet.


The already here seems pretty mellow and has already the correct clerical habit it

We come!

We have the visa, the flights are booked. Continue reading

Residues Part1


…there is 100 new images under images / Colombia bottom (Pop-San Augustin und Mocoa-Pasto) or directly here. Including the infamous of the trampoline de la muerte:


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Enjoy – difrutalo – enjoy

Coming (leaving) home

Last week we were in Bogota and had an appointment at the German Embassy. Aura and I have decided to go to Germany, therefore we have a visa for her requested, I hope they will arrive soon. Planned the trip is the beginning of May, however, we must wait to book the flight on the visa.


in Bogotá

My tour is now first definitely to an end. I look forward to Germany, but also know now that I will miss Colombia. Not everything Allerding, the honking motorists, the bad and narrow sidewalks with many holes, the clouds of exhaust, the alarm systems, constantly go, the very high noise background are some things, that I can not get used to. I am also pleased to be able to go out again at any time day or night, without me to wonder whether I might fall over or in what district I better not go.

The largest of Colombia - in addition to the spectacular, diverse landscape – is the friendliness of the met me and the impartiality of the people with whom I was taken here as a foreigner.

I hope, that aura in Germany also goes so - we'll see. Ach ja, we bring even a small cyclists(rin) with ;-)

In this sense - nos vemos pronto (we'll see you soon)


Trampoline of Death – a Christmas trip

After nine fairly crisp days on the bike I'm on 24 evening arrived quite exhausted again in Popayán. I have brought intense experiences – Encounters with friendly, helpful Colombians, a few days at the limit and some photos.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

San Augustin


I spent mostly on the bike my birthday. Arrived in the dark in San Augustin and met there aura and Nathan. Thank you for the congratulations. Tomorrow we will continue towards Mocoa and then we hit the trampoline de la Muerte. After Christmas, then there's a summary from Popayan or the afterlife ;-)


Parque Caldas

Parque Caldas-one of the most beautiful corners in Popayán – without traffic

Popayán is a construction site for months.
For weeks is Calle 5 blocked and all traffic torments himself on back roads through the center. Not only that brings the bad air and dust with it, the average car / bus driver (could it be my brain amputated) is very impatient and begins after a short time to honk. Whether he does it just to pass the time, the horn checked or thinks it helps what, I can not say. In between still push yourself some mopeds and of course horns also. It starts in the morning and goes most of the day so. Continue reading

Finally Colombians – Another journey begins

By bus to Ecuador, Visit to the Consul, a nasty surprise in Tumbaco

After an intense period of job search in Popayán and Abklärens the formalities for my work visa, we drove Thursdays (my manager and I) Pasto over the border to Ecuador. Nach ca. eight hours miserable bus ride we reached Ipiales, the city, which lies directly on the border with Ecuador. Friday we wanted to eat across the border to Ecuador, to visit the Colombian Consulate in Tulcan. Tulcan is the counterpart to Ipiales - a rather unattractive border town on Ecuadorian soil, However, there is a great cemetery. Continue reading