Pura Vida Goodbye

I am once again stayed longer so I'm in Costa Rica have experienced the most incredible story.

A drama in 5 Files:

Abends am Teich11. The Red Eye Tree Frog is the Cateyed Snake (Snake) bitten. The venom of the body slowly discolored.


Abends am Teich 22. Coming to an hour desperate death throes of the two appears at the bottom and a great fat toad.

Abends am Teich 3

3. The toad looks at the, then makes a leap forward, tears of the snake and the frog out of his mouth and swallows it (almost) down. Somehow it does not seem to get it, probably due to the venom of the snake.

Abends am Teich 4

4. The toad has very milky eyes, spits out the frog again and starts from there.

5. The red-eye frog is still alive, The snake comes back twice, but then goes away again probably because of my light. I'm too tired at some point and let the snake and the frog at rest.

In the morning he is gone- The snake has probably brought him still.

Such scenes might already be familiar from animal movies, But that was the most incredible, thing I've ever seen!


The tropical climate, and especially in the six weeks Bolita, unfortunately also had marks on my equipment. Most of my stuff was moldy, even the passport, Continue reading

Once Upon a Time in the West

I had to think first whether I should publish this article, not to shock my family. But the exciting things I do not want to miss, and they also belong to the trip.

Yesterday late afternoon I went again at the last minute on the way towards Bolita. I had yet to do an ugly affair in Germany. A former tenant of mine threatened with a lawyer, instead of directly with me Connect. This is very sad and just gives me considerable stress, in addition to some organizational things for Panama that do not work so very.

But good- to the point:

As is reported that a 30- minutes rather exhausting uphill walk through the jungle. You walk out of the 100 Soul City, crosses a river and it is rather steep uphill on a narrow path. Later, you cross another small creek, comes along a steep wall and must be even under a thick tree trunk Continue reading

Caretaker in Paradise

Yesterday I was sitting in the office of Pellet Dos Brazos, and have written. It was terribly hot and almost unbearable, probably so in the 40 ° C degrees in the shade. Behind me was Barbie (they can not for their names), Ron's dog as a picture of misery.

Barbie is small and the dog might actually be Bob Marley. Very cute, but his coat is completely full of burrs and matted. Barbie is very pretty sick and can barely move. He or she receives antibiotics and fluids coming from every orifice. It smells like the plague, But I feel sorry for her and not chase them away. Continue reading

From Death Mountain to Paradise

Summary: Laguna de Arenal – La Fortuna - San Ramon - Heredia, San Jose – Carthage

Todesberg bevor ich den - den Cerro de la Muerte- I went to the dogs took to the beautiful Laguna de Arenal at the foot of the Arenal Volcano. After the gravel road, I thought it is easier, But there is one and the ups and downs with evil, sharp increases. I began to realize, why is called the Switzerland of Central America Costa Rica. Not only because of the prices and the relative cleanliness, but also because of the topography. Costa Rica is for me the hardest country, but I had chosen a difficult route.

Arenal-Cartago-5The landscape reminded me of the Allgäu and also to Switzerland. At some point, appeared a sign "German Bakery" and I'm happy 18 km on a conversation and maybe a roll - since 1,5 Years, the first roll – and of course a break.

8 more tags, increasing hunger, up and down, I finally arrived in the German Bakery in Nuevo Arenal. The prices were hefty, everything in dollars, and was out of a sales pitch to do nothing. Continue reading

Monteverde – Limit am

Shortly after five o'clock I get up from my "camping" in the courtyard of a Pizzeria in Las Juntas, and actually have to sit 6:22 Clock on the wheel. There are only about 30 Santa Elena bus km, However, I must of 140 Meters on 1400 hm and work your way up the road has no asphalt.

In order to gain as much altitude before it gets hot, it makes sense to drive off as soon as possible. In my bicycle tour guide, they have advised against travel to the road, But I wanted to try it. To my surprise, the road from Las Juntas aspaltiert, But it goes after a short grace period mercilessly steep uphill.

After three kilometers, I'm drenched in sweat and to 6:50 Clock watching the sun already over the hill. On a piece of it is so outrageously steep, I must push, although I have very small passages and am now come up almost everywhere. I get my little mountain bike hochzuwuchten. But at least it's paved, But after eight kilometers of asphalt stops and the road turns into a nasty dirt road, whereby gravel almost sounds too good. It's more of a gravel path.

The stones are very different in size, partially the sandy subsoil, partly rocky. In large parts of the track with my 35 kg of baggage not accessible and I shove determined 10 km. The many mini-buses with the other tourists Turismo sticker carts easily to Santa Elena. When they see me me, drops them down either the jaw, There is also often a thumbs up as a token of appreciation. All wimps, I think- I would not trade places with them. I can take a break, when I want and the more I gain in height, the more magnificent is the view. I can even see the Gulf of Nicoya.

At the roadside is a small wall, ideal for a break and a few carbohydrates nachzulegen. A girl looks out of the adjoining property, and I greet and say, I'm hungry and want to take a break. Then comes Marlon and asked me in.. Spontaneously I am invited to dinner (bestes Gallo Pinto) and even get a cup of coffee. Then it goes back to the house yet 50 Meters high and from here you have a spectacular view of the Gulf and the breathtaking scenery. What a nice break, somehow the torture always worth.

By late afternoon I reach Santa Elena / Monteverde. At one corner is a shop Macrobiotika, So here are called the natural food stores. I asked Ana, the owner for a campsite and get the garden spontaneously offered to camp. Super, I can now only a couple of days make me pause and the famous Cloud Forest Reserve view.

On the trail of the quetzal

I'm booking a tour and hope to see the endangered quetzal, the emblem of Guatemala, be seen on all bills and is considered among the Maya gods as bird. Unfortunately, there are only very rarely it there, because its habitat is destroyed for the most part.

Right in the morning to 7 Clock there at the park entrance 2 to see young Quetzal, which still lacks the long tail feather. What a stroke of luck, later, I can even see two grown Quetzal in the trees. The tour is fantastic and our guide just super. The best guide, I have ever had. Later, when I go back alone in the park, I feel nothing at all to see.

I get to Santa Elena coffee or a private tour of the estate where Guillermo - Ana's husband is working. The farm is a cooperative, inter alia,, Training center and establishes high-quality coffee. I still verbrate 45 $ for several hours zip line.

This allows you to scroll through a pulley on a steel cable to a kilometer long part of the trees down and hopefully will end attentive stopped by Type, if you arrive too quickly.

Saying goodbye is hard, but after a few days I'm going in the direction of Laguna de Arenal. 38 km bus Tilarán, 30 worst of it again slopes. I was hoping, that it is better to go, but it is constantly up and down and you have to concentrate like hell.

The slopes are almost as slow as the increases, But after an exhausting day, I'm pretty worn out in Tilarán, but at least there is here again asphalt.

Costa Rica

Just been in Nicaragua, and now again in a new land. I made good yesterday on the border and try to go to the new currency, other prices etc. to accustom.

My route took me along the Panamerican Highway to Liberia. It's still pretty hot also quite windy, which makes driving difficult or strenuous. Since the border has significantly increased traffic, There are many trucks on the way. Im Vergleich zu Frankfurt ist es aber sehr erträglich. Will soon be off to the mountains. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is on my to visit list, probably the Laguna de Arenal and then I have to buy shoes in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

I'm on it really do not want, But I have no choice but. And then I get some time on the highest point of the Pan-American Highway, mit den Hill of Death 3400 Meter…