Light and shadows in El Salvador

Of course there are days every now and again, where it is not going so well, or where people see you only as traveling dollar sign. It also happens from time to time, if not you ask the price before, that you have a vague feeling, paid far too much to have. One of the most common questions I am asked is then also about the price of my bike.

Of course I answer the only evasive with gift, no idea, as-built or depending on what else to think of even the. The actual price would blow most people think and I can be super-rich. The relation I am perhaps, when you consider that there are very many families, the need to cope with a dollar a day and live below the poverty line.
One day I was a couple of hollow drills, a bit of nonsense talked about a drink "invited", what should I pay in the end and then they also had to make matters worse, no change. That's of course a bad mood and can mess up even one time the day.
Overall, I am well and expeditiously El Salvador and came two days after I was in The Tunco / La Libertad was started, Continue reading

Farewell Guatemala - Welcome to El Salvador

Overall, I ca. spent three months in Guatemala, far longer than thought. A beautiful country full of contrasts. Friendly people, rich traditions, but so many drunks lying on the road, I've never seen before. I had a good time here, a great host family in Xela, have quite a bit of Spanish and learned a lot about the history and the social situation.

Although I never felt threatened, However, in many places there was a slightly uneasy feeling. Heaps of armed security men, even before coffee shops and barred stores are often an expression of the desperate situation in the country.

A right-wing General, who was allegedly involved in crimes against humanity, is the new president. He wants to provide more security and at once the taxes, the lowest on the level of Central America are, reduce.

How he wants to make the, for there is no concept.

I wish the country a stable and democratic future for the changes that are necessary to – the country and its people deserve.

El Salvador

Lago de Atitlan, I left the south to the coast. The steep mountains behind me, I now first, instead dominated by coffee plants below the sugarcane, which is transported by huge trucks. Continue reading