Farewell Guatemala - Welcome to El Salvador

Overall, I ca. spent three months in Guatemala, far longer than thought. A beautiful country full of contrasts. Friendly people, rich traditions, but so many drunks lying on the road, I've never seen before. I had a good time here, a great host family in Xela, have quite a bit of Spanish and learned a lot about the history and the social situation.

Although I never felt threatened, However, in many places there was a slightly uneasy feeling. Heaps of armed security men, even before coffee shops and barred stores are often an expression of the desperate situation in the country.

A right-wing General, who was allegedly involved in crimes against humanity, is the new president. He wants to provide more security and at once the taxes, the lowest on the level of Central America are, reduce.

How he wants to make the, for there is no concept.

I wish the country a stable and democratic future for the changes that are necessary to – the country and its people deserve.

El Salvador

Lago de Atitlan, I left the south to the coast. The steep mountains behind me, I now first, instead dominated by coffee plants below the sugarcane, which is transported by huge trucks. Continue reading

My visit to Maximon

Wer in Santiago de Atitlan ist, should definitely pay a visit Maximon. Since he is not so easy to find, Request by you can be best. For 10 Quetzales (ca. 1€) I found an old woman who took me to his house. They presented a fast pace so, I trouble you had to follow. Nach ca. 10 Minutes we reached the kingdom of Maximon. I gave the woman 8 Q, I had no other money small. Tomorrow she gets 2 Q - I swear!

Maximon come home from dense smoke. Continue reading

Bum-Bum New Year


In San Pedro de la Laguna last night successfully crashed into the New Year.

Having a selection of about. 600 Photos sorted, selected, edited, labeled, zipped, uploaded etc. I, there are those now under Photos to marvel (only the thumbnails are not yet- for whatever reason)

I like best is the view with PicLens – Enjoy

The first major breakdown, Christmas and a lonely odyssey in search of a replacement part


Yes gone stupid. After a tight first day, has my rear hub on the descent to Lago de Atitlan and passed my Christmas plans with Sylvie and Hanno in El Salvador are burst to celebrate.
After packing was my whole eternal clutter put away in every pocket. It's amazing, which fits so everything in the bags.
After such a long break, I miss the routine according to late I started first and it was only uphill for a while. Get out of town, the traffic and bad air behind me. On the roadside of CA 1 number of children waved, some asked for money or sweets. Pure Ease, Pastime or bitter despair and Armmut?
Unfortunately, very often a lot of rubbish beside the road or is thrown down the slope, the landscape would be too perfect. Continue reading

Get out


After four months without significant training tomorrow it goes straight to the point and on 3000 Meters high. Therefore fit the facial expression of graffiti in my leg tomorrow and respect, I now have.

He could describe but, I felt like the day after my birthday. Thank you herewith for your good wishes to all.

I recently got back in Xela, what has become almost a bit of my home. On my birthday I invited my host family for dinner and the evening I was a bit of nightlife in Xela road….

I 6 Weeks Spanish lessons behind me, but I am still far away to speak fluently. I was accustomed to the regular power cuts - sometimes for the current drops 5 Minutes from, sometimes for hours. Not really, I am at the black clouds of soot, the old American school buses, which are presently used as an ordinary buses (Chicken buses and are called) and of course the many old cars blow out.

In any case, I am off again tomorrow something to be traveling and also no longer have to drive around with buses off the beaten tourist track.

Mein Support-Team (Sylvie and Hanno) has brought me some nice new things from Germany. A part of my equipment is showing clear signs of wear and needed to be replaced. Some pieces of equipment have proved, of other things I would have expected something more.

With the new wheel pants it goes tomorrow from the town of Xela Alaska (yes that name) to Lago de Atitlan and Nahuala to San Pedro and then on the south side of the lake and down the coast to El Salvador in the heat, where I will be at Christmas and wait Hanno Sylvie and maybe with Christmas gifts?

Wish all readers a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Expect – Wait

The situation in the country look bad – and not only in Guatemala but also in other Central American countries, the chaos. Today was the Vuelta a Guatemala Ciclistica, the most famous cycling race in Central America canceled. Always make new landslides country and the people creating.

About 100 Tote in Guatemala, many injured, Tens of thousands have been evacuated. Many countries in Central America has declared a state of emergency for parts of their countries.

So I'd rather stay a little bored in Xela and more or less.

Here's a video of a landslide in the vicinity of Guatemala City:

152 reported killed in Guatemala, 16 in Honduras and nine in El Salvador.
One-hundred people are missing in Guatemala and another 87 are injured, the nation’s emergency agency reported Tuesday. In addition, nearly 125,000 people have been evacuated and 74,000 are living in shelter

No more

After heavy rains here, it looks just like this:

mas Xela-1

After I'm still in Xela and a viral illness which kept me from last week, drive on, heavy rains delayed my journey.

Here is quite a mess, and several roads are closed, Landslides, Felsstürze, etc.. I must now wait and it's good to still be in Xela.

I still live with my "family" and we'll see, when it goes on.

There are two more articles retroactively – Have fun reading

After I'm still in Xela and a viral illness which kept me from last week, drive on, heavy rains delayed my journey. Here is quite a mess, and several roads are closed, Landslides, Felsstürze, etc.. I must now wait and it's good to still be in Xela. I still live with my "family" and we'll see, when it goes on.

Sunrise from the summit of the volcano

Climbing a volcano is of course one of the things, you have made in Guatemala must necessarily.
With about. 18 People from our school we are Saturday morning at 5:30 Clock set off by bus to Xela. After three hours we reached a small village, from where we are on the rise about. 3000 m height began. Tajumulco-1The air was getting thinner, the rise-although it was not very steep – more strenuous. Continue reading

Elections and mortal danger at the Feria

On the basis of facts

The elections are, as expected, expected benefit of the Partido Patriota, the highest number of votes recorded. However, since no party won an absolute majority, There are run-off elections in November between two ultra-right parties. Guatemala has the choice between plague and cholera. Strong words, hardness and easy recipes to help to change the dire situation in the country - or just to strengthen their own interests?

For deviating from the sad reality as you can go to the Feria.

La Feria and the fearsome Giant Ferris Wheel (the world?)

Cultural highlights for many citizens in Xela / Quetzaltenango is a visit to the Feria, once a year in which – is celebrated - coinciding with the Independence Day. We have refunded the third a little visit to Fair.Feria It already impressive, when the majority takes the visitor on the bumper cars Maya costumes. Also impressive are the carousels and more impressive to their assembly and the disastrous state of partial. Continue reading

Guatemala – Where are you going?

Two weeks in one place: Lack of exercise, three weeks Spanish lessons, Living in a family, much rain, Elections and bitter reality in a country ravaged.

The first few weeks passed quickly, But I am soon to be back on the road by bike. My first host family I had left after one day on the second day and could easily switch to my current family. A difference like day and night.

There were a few cockroaches, I could find, the somewhat meager meal served with water or the old, of the morning in the bathroom next to my room to its viscous, nicotine enforce mucus in several minutes of trying to get rid Rotzorgien. No, It was the sum of all things with a sense, Continue reading