Devil's Backbone

the backbone of the Devil, it means a section of road from Mazatlan after Durango not far away from the highest point 2814 Meters and a phenomenal view. DSC04873If one looks at the route on a map, get even respect - the route is a single zigzag.

I have five super tough days behind me, (the 6. Day after Durango was bearable again) the hardest day of my tour and my life. The Gotthard Pass, however, is a Sunday stroll. Continue reading

Mazatlan Star

… that was the ferry, which led me into the geschippert gleichnahmige city to the mainland of Mexico. The first attempt to come to the mainland is unfortunately failed, since the time change has prompted me to put the clock in the wrong direction. None of my contemporaries had a right time and it was instead 15 Then clock 17 Clock when I arrived at the port. (The ferry then drove straight off) I hate the time change!!!

Mazatlan Star Continue reading

Camping on the beach …

…. is not always pleasant.

A little late start I went for the first time in Mexico in the dark and have the wrong, unmarked path taken, which should take me to Playa Juncalito. Unfortunately, I landed on a rubbish dump, a rotting cow was around - after 500 Meters I had to realize, I was stuck in a dead end. Anything done yet but I found the right beach and a nice pair, which is also on a long journey. I wanted to sleep under the stars. Unfortunately, there were mosquitoes and I have then built with absolute power but still my tent, which is not that easy especially in the sand if you have a tent, which are anchored with pegs must be at least eight.

The next day the sun has burned so then, Continue reading

Bahia Conception …

is a large bay at the Mar de Baja California on the east side of. Wonderful views from the road and expect a wonderful beaches here.DSC04633 You can see them Palapa (a hut with a roof made of palm leaves) rent, order to have some shade, which is urgently needed. Since there are some stingrays, you should go slowly into the water and slide your feet forward through the sand (Baja Shuffle) or shoes, I then chose. Continue reading

Low Budget …

A brief report on accommodation in Mulegeis, wo ich den miesesten Zeltplatz und das bisher schlechteste Zimmer hatte. Of course you can expect for the cheapest price is not much and you have to anyway, as Europeans say goodbye to various standards. My room was, if I express a negative one hole, positive, simply. In truth – if these are – somewhere in between. The mattress, to which I had to take a look (I would perhaps be better to) was probably from the time of the revolution and about as saggy like a hammock. The room was at ground level next to the street and when a car drove by, it was like as if it went through the room. The cars often have no loud mufflers, and are accordingly. The cockroaches in the shower and the toilet was so bad, they have to live somewhere too. Continue reading

Tents in the desert

… is partly associated with high costs. Not that the selection of a good place a lot of time to complete, which is usually reasonably fast. Like hell you have to be careful especially on the tractors, lurking everywhere and all the plants have very sharp sting. At risk are out of your skin, Bicycle tires and mattress. This means that I wear sometimes my bike and luggage, because in some places are offshoots or remains of cacti cacti on the ground, which are difficult to visualize and almost everywhere pierce. Groundsheet search keys and tire spikes is to scan for and I have already taken some sting out of the tires. Continue reading


Today, it has been raining here in part, what that caused violent, dass auf Teilen der Straße riesige Pfützen oder kleine Seen entstehen. Often, these lakes on intersections and you do not know how deep they are. First, you have to look, that you do not have a car out of date and you get a mud shower, on the other that you do not get stuck in the puddle (or in the, what lies beneath the puddle).

So I have to take back my first impression about the road conditions somewhat. The main roads are more or less paved well, Side streets often do not and that gives me an idea, how unpredictable can be a journey. (I'll come around. 30 Minutes later in Nicaragua ;-)) Further south there are sometimes only dirt roads and then turn into mud holes. When braking in the sand is between the brake pads and grinds from the rim. Here I would have I necessarily wanted disc brakes, but it is too late now.

The rain should remain the exception, and hopefully a bit of excitement must be yes, otherwise I would have buy a flat screen TV or go to Majorca can.

Besides the weather was my biggest challenge the use of a Spanish (or Mexican) Washing and shopping in a health food store. Ansosnsten I have used the bad weather to perk up my website a bit. There are now some pretty cool new features.

Fortunately, I can also stay one day longer here with my hosts Tomas and Carmen.

Viva Mexico

Yesterday I, after I've sent a package home and the last time at REI (Outdoor Loading) went shopping, San Diego drove to the border. The plan was to go either to stay in Tecate and Mexican border town, or to camp just before the border, But what about the mass presence of the Border Patrol is not a good idea.

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