After a difficult mountain stage in the world of the Maya

The next stage is always the hardest. Not always, but that is definitely on the route of Tuxtla Guitiérrez after San Cristobal de las Casas to.

The first 20 km it is still slowly to, but then it goes into the mountain, 50 km uphill only. Chiapas-10From 1000 m then blows but now and again a hint of a cool breeze and the higher, the cooler we. For a few meters shadow I'm also on the opposite carriageway, no matter it's hot - very hot. Of the miles I get little or no progress, my altimeter motivates me and I put 200 Meter Stage. I want it to San Cristobal create and Continue reading

Hurricane force winds and first spoke breakage

In Juchitán then there was nothing further to discover, except that it was as warm as the day before. My next stop was San Cristobal in the mountains of Chiapas and I wanted to reach quickly as possible and put in a pair of long legs.
First it went to the Isthmus of Pan American relatively flat with vast fields of wind turbines thereIsthmus of Tehuantepec. The wind blows here for some hurricane-force, that there was once nearly swept me off my bike and I had to stop. Even the opening of the handlebar bag here was a challenge. A little hungry and thirsting for a cold drink (Tail!!!) I put on 50 km a break and when I took my bike parked there, "Zong" and simultaneously "pfft" – Spoke my first crack (despite 2,3 – 2 Strong-mm spokes) at km 11.101 and also a platter on the rear wheel. For super!

Fortunately Continue reading

Sweat, Sunscreen and mosquito repellent

is my night lotion, when I camp. Not really pleasant, But after a whole day in the saddle you are just too flat and just looking forward to sleeping on the. The mountains of Oaxaca (scenically one of my favorites in Mexico) was simply wonderful and the last days, Despite the heat, a pleasure.

Oaxaca-50Many butterflies with me recently, small lizards can be seen on the road, the birds sound different and the climate is definitely tropical - hot and humid. Unfortunately, I've been in Oaxaca (City) alone on the road again, Nathan has since become a farmer and for a short time on an organic farm (Tierra del Sol) remains. I spent one night there and I would imagine there may well stay a while, But my visa expires soon and I must travel a few miles to the border with Guatemala.

I am geographically since yesterday Central America and at sea level. I covered a few miles and am in Juchitán, am Isthmus von Mexico, the narrowest point between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific. From Juchitán I would have expected something more, I'm spoiled by the many beautiful colonial cities. Nevertheless, even today I put a rest day - perhaps there are still discovering what?

Anniversary – one years on the road

Today- what tomorrow is here or here only in 10 Minutes begins, I celebrate one years “on the road”.

On 18 July 2010 I flew to Alaska. It seems long ago, There is a lot happening, I've seen a lot, erlebt und meinen Trip bisher an keinem Tag bereut.

How should I celebrate???

Oxygen deficiency at the Popocatépetl and a new alliance

Getting out of Mexico City but as?

My host Warmshowers Everardo has recommended me to the southeast over the Paso de Cortés Puebla to drive. Cortés has 16. Century, the route between the two volcanoes Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl chosen, according to Tenochtitlán – today's Mexico City- to come.

The Popocatépetl located in about. 70 km away from Mexico City. He is the second highest volcano in North America and the second-highest mountain in Mexico. Continue reading

Wetlands - There will be wet

Not the moist kiss of blog readers to let me get wet, but the rainy season has begun, bringing at least in the cool highlands and most regular downpours.

What was new in the last time?

In Queretaro, I also dream of the first Critical Mass (Take the Bike) seen, Unfortunately my bike was in the hostel.DSC05402

After I finally crossed the Queretaro 10.000 km mark Continue reading

Death in Guanajuato

Not that I was killed in hail of bullets from Narcotraficantes, no, otherwise I could not write the article, I'm in the mummy museum in GuanajuatoMumie landed. The Mexicans have indeed a special relationship to death and the mummies, which are exhibited here, were 19 Jh. excavated, was extended when the graveyard. Slight angle, if you go through here, Wasserleichen, Children (Angels), Buried alive are issued. Continue reading

Sleepless Nights II vs.. Fair

In addition to bring some pleasant aspects of the lodgings in a hostel with the, There are also strong drawbacks, especially if you sleep in a community property.

One night an obviously be open to couples 2:30 night in the dorm and climbed into the bunk bed above me. For super! I was naturally awake and was then correspondingly bad mood, because it was clearly well, what the two were planning. Continue reading


After I Week Santa, Semana Santa Umzugcould experience one of the highest holidays of the Catholics in several cities, me anything in the beautiful Zacatecas held.

Zacatecas is to just 2500 m in the same state and is one of many old colonial cities and not in vain UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most beautiful city in Mexico and probably the most beautiful city of my trip so far - if I can compare the.

I have met nice people, there is a good vegetarian restaurant, a centrally located hostel just behind the cathedral with a phenomenal rooftop. Here are just a four-week cultural festival runs many events, there are Karaoke bars, where to be fresh from speaking Spanish in front 99 % Mexican audience may be the best (Guantanamera und La Vida Loca) or Rasputin by Boney M, which then led to a considerable increase in the atmosphere.

For several days I suppose, for several hours a day, Spanish private lessons, to entertain me next to the necessities of daily life can also. With English one can not often well, Many Mexicans do not speak English, but that's an incentive to learn it necessarily.

In Zacatecas next to the soul can also let your calves.