Ratzfatz to León

In the hotel there is no running water, Only water from barrels. I get from Hotelier 10-12 Small gift bag with drinking water, I fumble in my arduous bottles.

At 8 Clock I'm finally on the road and roll flat on a fast, Asphalt in good direction Chinandega. Hurricane Mitch has 1998 be a trail of devastation caused in Central America and so many roads had also renewed with the help of foreign funds.

Wikipedia writes here:"From 22. October to 8. November, he raged in Central America, wobei ca. 11.000 People died. Honduras and Nicaragua were the worst hit by the hurricane struck countries. "… "The economic damage to 7 Billion U.S. dollars estimated. Mitch is the deadliest hurricane since the Great Hurricane of 1780. "

Weitausladende trees provide little shade sometimes, oh but it is something cloudy and wonder why the sun does not burn as much. What a blessing, I've been driving a while with only a towel under the helmet. The neck is very easy otherwise exposed to the sun especially if you are behind does not mat. Right and left, there are beautiful views of volcanoes, Rivers, Sugarcane fields, Cotton.

Simple wooden huts with plastic sheeting lining the path. Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Nevertheless, there are no people on the street, begging, there are fewer weapons and defying its Armmut grid and is it relatively safe here.

I feel so ahead quickly, I have lunchtime in Chinandega thousand, I had lifted my leg as a substitute target, I should not make it to Leon. Here I am eating a delicious lunch in a Comedor and then go after a short pause in the direction Leon. At three clock noon, I have already 110 km, an average of over 20 km on the odometer and my milestone reached easily.

Here I treat myself to a small first,well-deserved short break and heal let my bee sting.

Of Honduras in 1,5 Days after Nicaragua

Despite late start, long waiting at the border I can 100 Km ride and come up Choluteca in Honduras.

Long wait at the border for departure from El Salvador, many shady characters, Money changers and other packing. Dubious figures offer themselves as a catalyst for the clearance limit. It was only for five, then for three dollars. Bock, I'm annoyed. On the side of Honduras it goes much faster, it stands next to the switch, a generator and makes one hell terror, I can hardly understand what the officer wants to limit. Continue reading