The "Steel Rat" to Colombia

At 11 Clock is the last out of five motorcyclists on board. I am the only cyclist. The other motorcyclists to ride on a well to Tierra del Fuego, However, most started in the U.S. or Canada. I'm sort of (km) King and enjoy full respect. The other of the 18 Passengers are not worth mentioning ;-). (Alex out but that would be totally irresponsible)

After an extensive, delicious breakfast will be hoisted the anchor. The marine diesel engine is bubbling steel rat on the move and we we cruise around. three hours to motor Coco Banderas, one of the 365 San Blas Inseln.


The Steel Rat is an old Dutch sailing ship Continue reading

Among the Kuna Yala to San Blas

From Panama to the San Blas Islands; Hook Island / Hook Island

Leave to Panamá City was a blessing. Finally, the traffic, the bad air, the volume and heat of the city behind you to see nature again. The first 10 Kilometers were pretty uncomfortable, But eventually it was to ride a quiet and relaxed. I had a lot of research beforehand about the track, but could find little. I just knew, bis dass es ca Carti. 110 km were, there are no ATMs and there is hilly and possibly the road. is not paved.

So I went just to Chepo, which only 55 miles from Panama City was removed. Chepo was the last place where I could buy something, Chepo else has nothing to offer. I was there at noon and I'm glad in retrospect, I have stayed there, because the following day should bring a big surprise.

The next morning I did not feel very well and Continue reading

Oh, how beautiful Panama?

Shopping spree in Panama, Travel fatigue

I have to fiddle a bit with the date- there are two reports-

"Oh, how beautiful Panama is" says the tiger and the bear or. The author of the famous children's book Janosch. The I, The two thought they were so only in Panama. They were lost, were running in circles and mistakenly, without realizing it, arrived back at home. Because the home had changed, they believed they were in Panama.

With a GPS one can not happen. But if you do not know where you are, You can certainly think it was in the U.S.. Panama is very American influenced, probably because the Americans have built the canal, to 1999 managed and therefore had a strong influence on the country. For me it was very difficult to Panama, I knew to Costa Rica, there would not initially increase. Continue reading


- the first two weeks:

Willkommen in Panama

The border crossing to Panama was one of the fastest and easiest way so far. No crowds, long queues, Pusher, you want the money out of pocket, no questions, Seals in Pass, boom, ready. Like so much to me.

So I was in Panama and it was late afternoon, I wanted to stay on the Panamanian side of the border town. I asked my way to a cheap place to stay and this was then. When I asked the price, it was 5000 Colones. Colones, the Costa Rican currency and the equivalent of $ 10. I did not understand, because the currency is the dollar in Panama, I was in Panama? No, I was looking at and driving through the town, curiously, without knowing it landed in Costa Rica.

After a few days stay in David, to have to organize some things for Panama City, Continue reading