Photos go again


Today it has rained a lot in Cali. I actually wanted to watch the last day of the salsa festival. Because the weather has passed me the desire and I have to bring half the day spent in the galleries again Odnung. (Since Nextgen Gallery plugin does not seem to get it under control despite Update, was the only way to install the last working version- and see there it goes again) :-)

Back in Quito


did quite well again recovered from a pesky flu and adjusted to the altitude and the climate of Quito.(2. highest capital in the world) Still has a few of the 1400 Select photos from the Galapagos and then there's finally something new….

Wow it is – now even better!!!


I have spared no time and effort and tinkered times somewhat. Let's see, if it proved?

In addition to a new design, the latest achievement is on my side an automatic Notification to RSS oder per E-mail. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive a short email whenever there is a new report. With text messages I can often times be a message from me. (which will look especially my aunt ;-) )

'm In Quito and Galapagos prepare my trip before.

Saludos Jens



Velomerica operation makes holidays in the Caribbean.
Soon again qualified reports here.
Greetings from Belize

Anniversary – one years on the road

Today- what tomorrow is here or here only in 10 Minutes begins, I celebrate one years “on the road”.

On 18 July 2010 I flew to Alaska. It seems long ago, There is a lot happening, I've seen a lot, erlebt und meinen Trip bisher an keinem Tag bereut.

How should I celebrate???

A tribute to my hosts

Since I started using “Warmshowers” in Victoria (Vancouver Island) and also before, I met so many nice people who invited me to their homes or for a meal. Sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneously. (as a kid I learned not to go with strangers)

I am very grateful for your hospitality the trust and think of that many times when I am riding my bike. I made a lot of friends, saw old friends, in some cases I felt I was part of the family. :-) :-) :-)

Many of my hosts not only provided me with a place to sleep and a shower, some even invited me for a meal or let me do laundry – far more than I would ask for. Strangers gave me food, material or something on the streets and encouraged me to continue my trip and let me feel that it is something special what I do.

It is in fact, but is even more special, when I feel that response from other people. In some cases I felt just to talk to people and telling what I do is very inspiring for them. In some cases it is maybe a wish for change, in other cases people will change parts of their life. This is a very good feedback and also inspires me a lot. ( I should maybe found a bicycle sect ;-))

So even if there are many weird Americans from an arrogant European point of view, I met the best on my trip and it is a great country for travelling and especially for cycling.

So if you do something special you will encounter a lot of special things and this is the difference between a trip and a vacation.

Travelling is the best way of education and the best way to spend your money.

Thank you all



Nach tagelanger Arbeit kurz vor einem Nervenzusammenbruch gehen jetzt endlich die Bilder online!!!

Supplement: Drei Tage Arbeit am Stück und die neuesten Bilder sind hochgeladen. Wow!

All a dream?

Ende letzter Woche habe ich in meiner Verzweiflung als letzten Versuch ein E-Mail an die PR Abteilung meiner Bank (Crediteurope) gesendet. (nach mehreren erfolglosen Kontaktbemühungen meinerseits und unterschiedlichen Botschaften der Bank an meine Schwester) Hatte schon daran gedacht die Presse und einen Anwalt einzuschalten. Heute bemerkt ich so beiläufig , dass auf wundersame Weise etwas passiert ist???

Ich sollte nochmals die Gegenkontoänderung an die Bank faxen und wollte heute versuchen das Formular im Motel auszudrucken und von hier zu faxen. Interessehalber habe mich nochmal eingeloggt und siehe daAbrakadabraDas Konto ist geändert worden!!!

War hier etwa Inspektor Clouseau oder Paulchen Panther am Werk? Ich kann es nicht sagen, ich habe auch keinen Hinweis bekommen und wundere mich nur. Und wenn ich bedenke, wer sich deshalb alles bemüht hat und was das für ein Aufwand warnun gutvielleicht habe ich das alles geträumt oder es war ein falscher Film eingelegt.

Dauf trinke ich ein Dead Guy Ale aus Oregon.

Prost aus wo bin ich eigentlich? ach ja in Bandon.