Cali - City of salsa and hot…

… pockets of new frame design Revelate.

From Salento to Cali with new equipment, cute and oblique encounters

I could not stand it in Salento and had to continue to publish without the promised report and pictures from Galapagos. Im Plantation House, where they have kindly kept my stuff all the time I have not felt very comfortable, I stayed out of loyalty but there. This was partly because, that there was a high pass at Travellern. A constant coming and going. This is the disadvantage of the hostels are in the Lonely Planet guide. In one night, a 10-member group celebrated next to our dorm a loud game night with alcohol until deep into the night. I then eventually burst the collar and I have put an end to the revelry. In addition, I had lost in the last few days, two extreme snoring nose as roommates and I foolishly my earplugs. Then the hostel was also getting a bit old and sometimes a bit scruffy.

Get out of here was my thought.

Before leaving, had to wash all my clothes again, which had been so long gelagert. They had an unpleasant basement odors and mold spores. My bike, the cycling shoes, Helmet and all the bags I have also cleaned, everything was pretty filthy.

The new bags from Revelate Design


The new bags Revelate (black)

Axel, I went with the one piece from Bogota I saw the bags and my first thought was only: "The will I have." Continue reading

Oh, how beautiful Panama?

Shopping spree in Panama, Travel fatigue

I have to fiddle a bit with the date- there are two reports-

"Oh, how beautiful Panama is" says the tiger and the bear or. The author of the famous children's book Janosch. The I, The two thought they were so only in Panama. They were lost, were running in circles and mistakenly, without realizing it, arrived back at home. Because the home had changed, they believed they were in Panama.

With a GPS one can not happen. But if you do not know where you are, You can certainly think it was in the U.S.. Panama is very American influenced, probably because the Americans have built the canal, to 1999 managed and therefore had a strong influence on the country. For me it was very difficult to Panama, I knew to Costa Rica, there would not initially increase. Continue reading