A tribute to my hosts

Since I started usingWarmshowersin Victoria (Vancouver Island) and also before, I met so many nice people who invited me to their homes or for a meal. Sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneously. (as a kid I learned not to go with strangers)

I am very grateful for your hospitality the trust and think of that many times when I am riding my bike. I made a lot of friends, saw old friends, in some cases I felt I was part of the family. :-) :-) :-)

Many of my hosts not only provided me with a place to sleep and a shower, some even invited me for a meal or let me do laundryfar more than I would ask for. Strangers gave me food, material or something on the streets and encouraged me to continue my trip and let me feel that it is something special what I do.

It is in fact, but is even more special, when I feel that response from other people. In some cases I felt just to talk to people and telling what I do is very inspiring for them. In some cases it is maybe a wish for change, in other cases people will change parts of their life. This is a very good feedback and also inspires me a lot. ( I should maybe found a bicycle sect ;-))

So even if there are many weird Americans from an arrogant European point of view, I met the best on my trip and it is a great country for travelling and especially for cycling.

So if you do something special you will encounter a lot of special things and this is the difference between a trip and a vacation.

Travelling is the best way of education and the best way to spend your money.

Thank you all


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