A wrong spare part - on the edge of despair

Before Sylvie and Sarah came to visit me, I did order a marathon behind me. In addition to a reunion that was also a good opportunity to bicycle parts to come. Many parts are not at all to get in Latin America.

One of the most important parts she had for myself, was a stable new wheel hub and spokes including a new rear wheel. Rims are subject to wear and give depending on the quality, Lacing, Mileage, Care and weight of the wheel and driver sometime sooner or later the ghost.

So I had a Ryde (Rigid) Other 30 Rim in black with 36 Hole * (I thought – see below) and 26 Inches at a store specializing in cycling holidays (Meilenweit in Berlin) ordered on the Internet. This is mostly hassle free, fast and reliable. Continue reading