3 Years / years old / years

Who turned the clock, is it really so late? Here comes the obligatory anniversary article.

Three years ago I started in Anchorage. I thought, I in 18-20 Months'm back home. I still remember, when I was in the Yukon at the British Columbia border Casey, a cyclist from Oregon, met the three years was traveling. At that time, not a long way, I could not imagine being on the road so long, I found somehow inclined. Now I'm even three years on the road, the nomadic life has become for me everyday.

Two years ago I went with Nathan (velo freedom) by Mexico. (He is the way, lost or. has temporarily / permanently stopped in Panama to cycle?) At that time I had my glasses laying around in the restaurant and we were interviewed by a local television station.

Last year I was in Colombia in Cartagena and I celebrated the two-year-old in "Ciudad Movil".

For three days I am back in Colombia and now again in the beautiful Salento in the heart of the coffee zone. Continue reading