A small detour – A little side-trip

Return to good friends to San Francisco

Last year I spent my birthday in Xela. Christmas and the new year was also a bit lonely at the Lago de Atitlan. A break on the rear wheel hub extended my stay here in San Pedro. With a little bottle of whiskey and a Bin Laden-cracker I presented me, However, for this then attended a two-hour twirping sounds in my ear….(Firecrackers in Guatemala are much stronger!!!)

The desire to spend the holiday season with good friends, and after a new pair of trousers I have to my friends Ron and Victoria moved with her children Lila and Eden in San Francisco to visit.

Mustang at the Golden Gate Bridge

From a fixed idea and an invitation then was reality and I flew the day before my visa expired in Colombia to San Francisco. Exactly two years ago I stopped by there with the wheel, and almost two years I've been in Latin America. It was a strange feeling to return. I I rejoiced to see my friends and the kids, to joint activities such as crabs and Celebrations. Continue reading