Finally Colombians – Another journey begins

By bus to Ecuador, Visit to the Consul, a nasty surprise in Tumbaco

After an intense period of job search in Popayán and Abklärens the formalities for my work visa, we drove Thursdays (my manager and I) Pasto over the border to Ecuador. Nach ca. eight hours miserable bus ride we reached Ipiales, the city, which lies directly on the border with Ecuador. Friday we wanted to eat across the border to Ecuador, to visit the Colombian Consulate in Tulcan. Tulcan is the counterpart to Ipiales - a rather unattractive border town on Ecuadorian soil, However, there is a great cemetery. Continue reading

Two new kids on the blog

A guest post by Sylvie and Sara (uncensored!!!)

After two impressive days in Bogota, we are on time landed in Quito. The best luggage "Western - Bicycle Equipment, thes Jens and two other cyclists had ordered diligently before our departure. Thanks to Sylvie's neighbors, who had taken in a week seven against packet. The joy was great, meet again after so long.

First, we assumed, Jens that would take us to a hostel in Quito, but surprisingly Jens quartered us in a room at the Casa de Ciclista in Tumbaco, a suburb of Quito, a. The Casa de Ciclista, Santiago and his wife. Continue reading