I want out! (from Cali)

Strikes and unrest in Colombia, Whirlpool instead of salsa

In Colombia there is a strike across the country for nearly two weeks. Many highways and thus important supply routes are blocked, Some foods are up to 100 % become more expensive or even impossible to find in some parts of the country. One reason for the strike are higher costs for farmers and simultaneously increased competition through several free trade agreements. (zB. with U.S. and Europe)

Apparently farmers in Colombia are forced to use only certified seed as. genetically modified Continue reading

On the run

ABC Alarm, Salsa Festival in Cali and breakdown at the wheel

The World Games are over, The Salsa Festival also. I changed my hostel twice and am now staying with Indre and Marcelino, living in Cali.

The first hostel I left, because it was something filthy, the rest have given me the shoes of another traveler. That was really crude. You have stunk so, you're almost tipped over five meters in front of the dorm door. Although I had my bed right by the window, but had the room, even though I put the shoes on the terrace, still stunk like the plague. So extreme I have not experienced. Only in Cartagena I shared the dorm with a chain-smoking Frenchman, wore it pretty contaminated shoes and took off unfortunately for sleeping. (Here I could flee to the other corner of the Dorms) Continue reading