Here is a selection of links to other websites:
Here is a selection of useful websites:


Andrea and Joerg-Panamericana My first live contact:

General info about the Panamericana:

The overnight network for cyclists:

PanAm Riders Group – helpful for all, the road on the Panamericana:

My neighbors in the spirit – great travel site:

  • Other cyclists traveling on the Panamericana:

Jürgen -not yet met, but on the phone

Laura and Eric from Orgegon I met in Alaska

Justin and Nathan I'm on the Cassiar Hwy. made in BC

Monika and Martina from Switzerland, the Pan Am go from bottom to top and have been 1,5 Years go. The two have met me in Huehuetenango / Guatemala.

Annelies and Hannes from Switzerland. The two are 2009 drove off in Switzerland, first to Spain and then to South America to North America. We are in Granada, Nicaragua begegnet. There is more info on their website:

Christopher from Minneapolis. From there, traveling by bicycle to Patagonia. We are in Cartagena / Colombia met.

Alena and Hardy from Berlin. We in Bucaramanga / Colombia hit. The two are also on the way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

  • Also “On the road”

Penny and Bill are using an old Hanomag on world tour. I have them in Alaska has been hit and invited to a tea. They are the proof, that even in advanced age can still see big things.

Bjorn is on a motorcycle trip around the world. Met in Zacatecas. Who really wants to see good photos, necessarily view.